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Destiny 2 The Eye in the Dark Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

We’re really not far at all from the latest season of Destiny 2 wrapping up and judging by the cutscenes and material that we’ve sat through already, we’re really hoping that things go out with a bang instead of a whimper. However, until then, we’ve just kinda been sitting on our hands waiting for stuff to do that isn’t collecting endless materials. Well, what better time to cruise through some bounties as a way to unwind? Here’s our Destiny 2 The Eye in the Dark location guide for those looking to give the Spider a hand.

Destiny 2 Eye in the Dark Location Guide


So, you’ve been enlisted by the Spider to do a bit of clean-up. This certainly won’t be the last time, and we doubt it was a first for you either. The Eye in the Dark bounty will involve you making a beeline for Mars to kill a Hive Shrieker. At this stage in the game, you’re unlikely to need a bunch of mates to call on, so feel free to gallivant over to Hellas Basin solo. Like pretty much every Spider bounty, the location when it comes to the relevant Lost Sector of the enemy that you’re looking for is subject to change, so don’t get too used to it being in one place at any given time. 

What’s going to happen is you’re going to either want to head over to the Core Terminus Lost Sector or the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector. Those two particular locations have previously housed The Eye in the Dark bounty’s final target which, as we mentioned, is a Hive Shrieker. Once you’ve happened upon the right location, take our advice below in the form of some easy-to-follow steps and you should have no trouble cleaning house:

  • There will be a bunch of Thralls around
  • Kill the Wormcursed Thralls which glow to get a buff called Wormcursed but keep your distance
  • This lets you do damage to the Eye which will be immune otherwise (and it’s always immune when closed)
  • After each phase of damage, the Eye will summon Hive adds that have to be cleared so it opens
  • Rinse and repeat picking up the Wormcursed buff to damage the eye until it’s dead

Now that you’ve got our Destiny 2 The Eye in the Dark location guide to hand, it should be easy for you to crack through this bounty and to get on with tidying up any loose ends before the end of the Season of Dawn, which draws inexorably closer. While there’s still a fair amount for Guardians to do, including the grind for polarized fractaline, it’s nice to sometimes fall back on familiar bounties like this when you’re a little low-energy. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your convenience:

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