The Empyrean Foundation activity has been the focal point of attention for the Destiny 2 community since it first started. Bungie challenged Guardians to come together and donate as much Fractaline as possible to reach various donation goals. The community has responded strongly by giving enough Fractaline to have reached six of the seven Empyrean Foundation donation goals. Luckily, we have the current progress of the fractaline donation for the final stage of the Empyrean Foundation covered for you so that you know where the community stands regarding the successful completion of this activity. 

Destiny 2 Empyrean Foundation Fractaline Progress

February 19th saw the community come together to move past Stage 6 of the activity, resulting in the final donation progress goal of 9,777,777,000 being unlocked for Guardians to pursue. The community's progress passed 7 billion fractaline donated on February 21st. 

Now, the current amount that has been donated towards the completion of the activity sits at 8,171, 450, 100. This number is sure to continue to trend upwards until the community has successfully reached the ultimate goal of 9,777,777,000 fractaline donated towards the completion of the Empyrean Foundation activity. You can check out the current progress for the donation goal here via warmind

Destiny 2 Empyrean Foundation Fractaline Progress

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