Weekly reset time is where Bungie sometimes surprises the Destiny 2 community by adding in some content to the looter-shooter. The developer took advantage of this ability when it recently added a new cutscene to the title that features two of the game's characters of Osiris and Rasputin. Both of these characters have played significant roles in the stories of Destiny 2, so plenty of players were shocked and excited to see the two come face to face in the new cutscene for the game in the Season of Dawn. Fortunately, we have a breakdown of what happened in this new cutscene covered for you.

New Destiny 2 Cutscene

This new cutscene shows Osiris entering a large chamber where the viewer is then revealed that he is confronting the AI Rasputin in a very aggressive manner. Osiris remarks that it has been a long time since he and Rasputin had last been together. The Warlock then states how he sees Rasputin as a thug, murderer, and betrayer when the Tower and all of its Guardians see Rasputin as a kind of god. 

Osiris then tells Rasputin that the AI knows why he left the Infinite Forest and what he saw when he was inside of it. The infamous Guardian then tells Rasputin that a line has been drawn between the light and the dark and asks Rasputin what side he is on, which leads to the doors to the area closing in on the mysterious new cutscene that is now available for Guardians to watch. 

 New Destiny 2 Cutscene

Players will have to wait until the next season of the high-profile game before they learn what Osiris means during his proclamation towards Rasputin in the new Destiny 2 cutscene.

However, it is looking like the AI mind that has been around since the first entry in the looter-shooter franchise will be playing his first significant role in the title since the Warmind expansion that was released in 2018. Perhaps Osiris saw an upcoming threat related to Rasputin and is checking to see what the side the AI mind currently sits on when it comes to the never-ending battle between the Light and The Darkness. 

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