Iron Banner is one of the most popular activities in the world of Destiny 2, as it allows players to feel the full force of their most powerful pieces of gear and take on the best that other players have to offer. The schedule for the newest session of this PVP game mode has now officially begun and will last for a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the February 2020 schedule for Iron Banner covered for you. 

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Schedule

The February 2020 schedule for Iron Banner began on Tuesday, February 18th, at 9 AM PST/ 11 AM CST/ 12 PM EST. This session of the fan-favorite PVP playlist is then scheduled to conclude at 9 AM PST/ 11 AM CST/ 12 PM EST on Tuesday, February 25th. Guardians will have a full week to finish their Iron Banner quest for the Season of Dawn and obtain any of the powerful pinnacle weapons that they have not yet been able to add to their inventory before the playlist's schedule ends.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Schedule

New Guardians who do not have have a lot of experience with this particular PVP playlist should know that it takes the light level of your gear and weapons into account when you are playing. This light level focus means that players with higher light level loot will be more powerful than players who are at a lower light level. Iron Banner does not scale everyone to the same level as in the regular Crucible, so you will need to have your best gear and weapons equipped if you wish to see any success during the newest schedule for the Destiny 2 PVP playlist. 

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