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Destiny 2 Goldtusk – How to Get This Sword

by Nicholas Barth

The popular title of Destiny 2 has a wide variety of powerful weapons that players can use in their battles against The Darkness. One of these powerful weapons is the Goldtusk sword, which allows Guardians to cut down their foes in epic fashion. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Goldtusk sword in the looter-shooter covered for you. 

Destiny 2 Goldtusk

Players can acquire the Goldtusk sword by completing the Heroic Menagerie. However, you must use a Hunter to obtain this sword from the Heroic Menagerie because it is a Hunter specific weapon and will not drop for Titans or Warlocks. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of making sure you get the Goldtusk weapon, as it is a random drop from the boss. All that Hunters can do is grind away at defeating the Heroic Menagerie boss and hope that this sword drops when they land the killing blow.

Destiny 2 Goldtusk

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This particular weapon comes with a few unique perks that help make it a formidable weapon against any of the enemy factions that populate the title’s universe. You can find these perks and their official descriptions below:

  • Jagged Edge – Increased damage at the cost of sword ammo
  • Swordmaster’s Guard – Sword Guard has low efficiency and low defense
  • Energy Transfer – Guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy
  • Whirlwind Blade – Consecutive rapid sword strikes increase this weapon’s damage output

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