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Destiny 2 Love Story Bounty Crimson Days Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The Crimson Days event is in full swing for Destiny 2, and it has brought a variety of content for Guardians to enjoy. Some of this content is new bounties that players can complete to earn the Confectionery Hearts currency and purchase all of the new loot that is available in the Crimson Days event. One of these Crimson Days bounties is the Love Story bounty, and it will ask you to join with a friend to complete it. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to complete the Love Story bounty covered for you.

Destiny 2 Love Story Bounty

The process of completing the Love Story Bounty is not a complicated one at all. Players only need to join a fireteam with one other player and complete a mission together. Once you and your fireteam partner have completed the mission, the Love Story bounty will be completed, and both of you will receive 15 Confectionery Hearts if you had the Love Story bounty. If you do not have it, make sure to pick it up from Lord Shaxx in the Tower. 

It doesn’t matter which Destiny 2 mission you complete as long as you do it with another fireteam member so that you can pick the shortest mission there is and get this objective marked off of your to-do list without any trouble at all. 

 Destiny 2 Love Story Bounty

However, the Love Story Bounty will only be available during the Crimson Days event, which runs from February 11th to February 18th, so you will need to acquire and complete it before the conclusion of the event to receive its reward of 15 Confectionery Hearts. 

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