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When Do Polarized Fractaline Reserves Reset In Destiny 2?

by Liana Ruppert

The Empyrean Foundation event has invaded the world of Destiny 2 and for those Guardians diving all in, polarized fractaline reserves is going to be a term you’re going to be getting intimately familiar with. As for when a reset happens, many have been wondering when do the polarized fractaline reserves reset. Many assumed they would reset alongside everything else on Tuesday, but we didn’t have any confirmation on that until now. Now Bungie has confirmed that this reset will happen alongside everything else, making it easier to know the timeframe in which to grind. 

As for the Empyrean Foundation, players have continued on when it comes to upgrading each world’s Obelisk (thanks, Osiris) until the very last moment and when that moment comes, drawing from the Fractaline. That’s where the reset dates come in handy when looking at when the best withdrawal moment can be initiated. Since many of these Destiny 2 events are very limited-time only, it makes sense that players would be concerned with exactly when everything flips back to zero. 

For those just now jumping into Destiny 2, the weekly resets occur every Tuesday at 9 AM PT. From there, players can either continue to use the Fractaline for upgrades or put those efforts towards restoring the Empyrean. With four more phases of the Empyrean Foundation to go, it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out and what else Bungie has up their sleeves. 

Will we see a restored Mercury or will this bring about some adverse effect that we’ve yet to see come to fruition? We’ll have to wait and find out but at least you know exactly when the polarized fractaline reserves reset in Destiny 2. 

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