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When Does Darksiders 3 Take Place?

by Larryn Bell

Darksiders 3 is the long-awaited third installment to the Darksiders series. Whether you’re new to the series or it’s been a while since you’ve played the first two games, you may want to brush up on the timeline so that you can prepare for the events of Darksiders 3. We’ll give you a rundown of when Darksiders 3 takes place relative to the previous two games to help put the game into context.

When Does Darksiders 3 Take Place?

The timeline of the Darksiders games can be a bit confusing, even for those who have played all of the games. This is because the events of the first Darksiders game are chronologically the most recent, with the following two games taking place prior. 

In order to understand when Darksiders 3 takes place, we must first understand the story and timeline of the first game, which centers around the horseman War. War is imprisoned and blamed for prematurely starting the apocalypse on Earth. In the first Darksiders game, War is set loose to clear his name and find whoever was actually responsible for triggering the end times. 

Meanwhile, both Darksiders 2 and Darksiders 3 take place during War’s 100-year imprisonment, which technically sets them prior to (and somewhat contemporaneous with) the first game. These two games also seem to overlap a bit and may take place simultaneously.

Darksiders 2 sees Death venturing out into distant realms in an effort to clear his brother’s name. In Darksiders 3, Fury is sent to Earth by the Charred Council to get rid of the Seven Deadly Sins, who were unleashed upon Earth after the start of the apocalypse. In the Fury’s Apocalypse trailer for Darksiders 3, we see that War is still imprisoned, which means Fury’s journey in Darksiders 3 occurs prior to War’s release in the first Darksiders game. 

There you have it. That’s pretty much all you need to know regarding when Darksiders 3 takes place, without getting too far into spoiler territory. Check out some of our other Darksiders 3 coverage to find out more about the game, including its recommended PC system specs as well as whether it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

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