What to Do With the Aeray Glyph in Remnant 2

The source of all life: Slug Mama

Things haven’t gotten really sci-fi all of a sudden, haven’t they? But let’s roll with it; there are side quests to be completed. Here’s what to do with the Aeray Glyph in Remnant 2.

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How to Use the Aeray Glyph in Remnant 2

While exploring the wastelands of what might be a totally different planet, there’s a chance that you’ve stumbled across The Hatchery (or maybe The Dark Conduit). This dungeon, full of robots and disfigured, fleshy horsecrabs, is the perfect mix of sci-fi and horror. And, of course, there are plenty of secrets hiding in its procedurally generated nooks.

One of those secrets is related to the Aeray Glyph, which can be found on a dead body. I found the Aeray Glyph on the lower floor near the end of the dungeon. But what should you do with it?

In the dungeon you found it in, there will be a red door. It can only be unlocked with the Aeray Glyph.

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Green Star – Aeray Glyph location (basement floor)
  • Blue Star – Door location (middle floor)

Once the door is open, you’ll find yourself in a room with more cyborg enemies. Dispatch these robots first before you delve too far into the room because there’s an Aberration here.

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Yes, for your meddling, you’ve stumbled across the lair of the Aberration The Progeny.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Progeny is a corrupted Slug Parasite, and it comes with its own two randomized modifiers. My Progeny had the Displacer modifier, which is might absolute least favorite modifier, as you’re almost guaranteed to be “displaced” to an area with the boss centimeters from your face.

But once you defeat the Progeny, you’ll get the following items: Disengage Mutator, Cracked Recoil +3, Relic Dust, Iron, and Corrupted Lumenite Crystals.

The Progeny isn’t the only Aberration boss floating around! Check out how to find Gorge here: How to Find the Secret Losomn Boss Gorge in Remnant 2.

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