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What to Do with Poes in Tears of the Kingdom

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by Daphne Fama

If you’ve scrounged around in the Deep, it’s likely that you’ve encountered a few glowing blue orbs called Poes. But what are Poes and what can you use them for? Here’s everything you can do with a Poe in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

What to Do with Poes in Tears of the Kingdom

As you explore the Deep, you’ll encounter these glowing wisps, which can seem like a beacon of light in all that intense blackness. But if you interact with them, you’ll find that they don’t run away and you slowly collect them, though they don’t appear in your materials.

What are these Poes and what can they be used for?

Old school fans of Legend of Zelda will know Poes as the ghostly enemies that haunted graveyards. But in Tears of the Kingdom, they’re lost souls who wander the Depths. They are neither good nor evil, just dead.

And if you want to guide them to the afterlife, you’re going to have to take them to the Bargainer Statue. These statues are scattered through the Deep, but they’re naturally quite hard to find because of how horrendously hard it is to find anything down there.

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But don’t worry. There’s also one on the surface, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already seen it!

Go to Lookout Tower and enter the building where Josha and Robbie are. There in the back is a Bargainer Statue.

Now that you have a Poe, it will speak to you. But more importantly, it will take your Poe in exchange for items. The first time you give it a Poe, it will give you a Dark Clump, an item that can be used in cooking to get a gloom-resistant effect.

But the Bargainer Statue also offers:

  • Dark Clump – 10 Poe
  • Muddle Bud – 16 Poe
  • Puffshroom – 16 Poe
  • Bomb Flower – 16 Poe
  • Dark Tunic – 150 Poe

While that seems like it can be a big ask, you’ll find quite a few Poe mobs in the Deep, so you can likely grab that Tunic after just a few visits, if you’re lucky.

If you’re curious about other rare materials, here’s what you can do with Opals: What to Do with Opals in Tears of the Kingdom – Answered.

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