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What to Do with Opals in Tears of the Kingdom – Answered

What's the shiny rock do?

by Daphne Fama

There are all types of neat things scattered around Hyrule and the Sky Islands. But one particular treasure you’ll stumble across is the Opal. But once you have it, what are you meant to do with it? Here’s what to do with Opals in Tears of the Kingdom.

What to Do with Opals in Tears of the Kingdom

So, if you’re a crafty and thorough adventurer, you’ve likely stumbled across a few hard-to-reach chests. And these chests will occasionally drop a mineral called an opal.

You’ll get an idea of what it can do from its description:

A valuable ore that gives off a mesmerizing iridescence similar to the inside of a seashell. It contains the power of water.”

But really, its uses boil down to two things. You can sell Opals, or you can fuse Opals to a weapon to increase its attack.

If you opt to sell them, and you’re on Sky Island, you’ll have to wait until you reach the main area and start finding vendors. The first person I could sell it to was the Rolling Pastures traveling merchant. She offers 30 Rupees per Opal.

If you’d prefer to go the fusion route, you can fuse an Opal to any weapon you like. Doing so will grant that weapon a +1 attack buff.

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In my opinion, the rewards these Opals give you is a little lackluster… I worked hard to get my wonky mine cart across that broken railing. But still, some Rupees are better than none.

If you’d like to know about a much more useful rock, check out our article on how to put that flint to good use in order to make a fire: How to Start a Fire in Tears of the Kingdom.

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