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What Time Does Remnant 2 Early Access Start? – Answered

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Remnant 2 is right around the corner, set to release on July 25 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. If you decided to purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game though, then you’re likely hyped for the early access you’ll get to the game ahead of everyone else by a few days. While you may already know the date, you might not know the exact time Remnant 2 launches. Here’s what time Remnant 2 early access starts.

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What Time Can I Play Remnant 2 Early Access?

Depending on your timezone, Remnant 2 early access will debut either on July 21 or July 22. If that sounds confusing, here are the times the game will launch based on the various timezones:

  • PT: July 21 at 4 PM
  • ET: July 21 at 7 PM
  • GMT: July 21 at 11 PM
  • CET: July 22 at 1 AM
  • AEST: July 22 at 9 AM

If your timezone is listed above, compare your time to the current PT time and adjust accordingly. If you’re planning to play with the regular launch folks, the PT launch time should be July 25 at 10 AM, with the same times for each of the following adjusted for the dates.

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What Else Do I Get With the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2?

Along with early access to Remnant 2, those purchasing the Ultimate Edition get the full game (obviously), three armor sets paying homage to From the Ashes, a Survival Pack with resources to kick off your adventure, and three future DLC packs. If you’re pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition, you’ll also get instant access to the Gunslinger Archetype, which you’d normally have to grind for.

If you’re still debating between editions, check out our guide on everything included with the Remnant 2 Deluxe Edition.

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