What Should You Pick in the Aha Stuffed Toy Event in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

To kick or not to kick

Honkai Star Rail Aha Stuffed Doll Featured

Each Simulated Universe run in Honkai: Star Rail is different from the previous one thanks to the almost infinite combinations of encounters, Blessings, and Occurrences you’ll be met with. This is a great example of RNG serving as a good replayability factor. Occurrences, in particular, are more prone to this effect, and one of these rare events is the Aha Stuffed Toy.

Randomly found in any Occurrence room, you’re presented with two different options each time you meet the doll, which will reward you depending on the number you get from it. But what should you pick in the Aha Stuffed Toy event in Honkai: Star Rail? We’ve got your answer below.

Honkai: Star Rail Aha Stuffed Toy Event Explained

During this event, you’re faced with a doll of Aha, the Aeon of Elation. In order to proceed, you’re presented with (the illusion of) two choices: pet it lightly or hit it hard. Your rewards change from tons of Cosmic Fragments to literally nothing depending on what you choose. So, what should you pick here?

The correct answer is… anything! As you probably have already imagined, this event is purely RNG, and there’s no combination that works every time. Let’s break it down.

Honkai Star Rail Aha Stuffed Doll Event
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After picking your first choice (either kicking the doll or petting it), the number counter can change or simply stay the same. It doesn’t matter what you did, the result will be completely random. Sometimes it could go up after a pat, and sometimes it might stay the same even if you hit it with all your might.

The second choice is a little bit more interesting, at least. The final result is still random, but the message you get can be different depending on which action you took. The doll might break if you hit it hard the second time, or the counter could simply go back to zero if you pat it. You get nothing in both results.

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But if you still manage to get a number after the second action (from 150 all the way up to 400), you get that amount as Cosmic Fragments. So while this event has a huge reward potential, it can also be quite pointless if you’re unlucky.

Personally, I like to hit it first and pet it later (or vice versa) and that usually goes well. The doll has more than once refused to give me Fragments with this formula, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. 

So in the end, just pick whichever you feel like picking in that run. I have gotten 400 Fragments once by hitting it twice, so it’s not a guaranteed break. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone confirms that it does have a bigger chance of breaking if you do that, but that’s the very definition of high risk, high reward. Same thing as trying out your luck at the banners

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