All Simulated Universe Events in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

What happens in the Universe stays in the Universe

With a considerable replayability factor, the Simulated Universe is perfect for Trailblazers in Honkai: Star Rail to test out their team comps against various hordes of enemies, with the small help from the various Blessings and Curios buffing them. But before getting those, you might have to go through some special Events in this virtual world.

You can find them by heading into blue portals instead of red ones, and each of them has at least two different outcomes tied to them, which can give you Cosmic Fragments, Blessings, Curios and more special effects for your run. You also get a small Stellar Jade compensation for finding a new one, so keep your eyes open for those! Here’s all Simulated Universe Events in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail – All Events in Simulated Universe Listed

There’s a total of 38 different Events to be found in the Simulated Universe. Finding a new event rewards you with x20 Stellar Jade, redeemable in the Index menu when entering the Universe. A regular SU run usually nets you from three to five events, depending on your luck/choices. 

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Some events are directly tied to others, so you must find those first before unlocking the last few ones. All events (aside from Fixed) are still random, so you cannot predict exactly which ones you’ll get in each run.

Fixed Events

These events are guaranteed to happen at some point. There’s currently only one event in this category, which unlocks a whole new Aeon path for you to choose from.

Event NameChoicesEffectsNotes
IX: The NihilityNoneUnlocks the Nihility Blessings and the Nihility Path in the Simulated UniverseAutomatically triggered when first running World 4.

Occurrence Events

Most events are in this category. Anything happens here: battles, buffs/debuffs, exchanges, or just small talk. You cannot predict what will happen, so be ready to face the consequences.

Event NameChoicesEffectsNotes
Aha Stuffed ToyAny combination between “Pat Lightly” and “Hit Hardly”After two choices, you get any value between 0 and 400 Cosmic FragmentsThere’s no “real” combination, so pick whichever you feel like doing with the doll.
Bounty Hunter– Give him the fur you’re wearing

– Walk away
– Give up a Curio for 200 Cosmic Fragments

– Continue your run as usual
You get to pick which Curio to give up, so you can get rid of a Negative Curio.
Galactic Merchant (Part 1)– Purchase a metal Wish-In-A-Bottle.

– Purchase a silver ore Wish-In-A-Bottle.

– Leave.
– Exchange 100 Cosmic Fragments for a Blessing

– Exchange 200 Cosmic Fragments for a Curio

– Continue your run as usual
Galactic Con Job (Part 2)– Purchase an amber Wish-In-A-Bottle.

– Purchase a supernium Wish-In-A-Battle.

– Leave.
– Exchange 100 Cosmic Fragments for an “enigmatic” Curio.

– Exchange 100 Cosmic Fragments for a “dreamlike” Blessing

– Continue your run as usual
Must have completed Galatic Merchant at any point before. “Enigmatic” Curios are rare ones you usually don’t get from regular selection, while “dreamlike” blessings are 2 or 3-star Blessings.
Galactic Altruist (Part 3)– Purchase a diamond box.

– Purchase an ore box.

– Leave
– Enhance 3 random Blessings

– Get a 3-star Blessings

-Continue your run as usual.
Must have completed Galactic Con Job at any point before.
History Fictionologists– Record of the Aeon of The X.

– Record of the Aeon of The Y.

-Record of the Aeon of The Z.

– Leave.
– Enhance 3 random 1-star Blessings from Path X

– Enhance 2 random 2-star Blessings from Path Y

– Enhance a random 3-star Blessing from Path Z

– Continua your run as usual.
Only appears if you have the necessary amount of Blessings from at least three different Paths. X, Y and Z represent those Paths.
Implement of Error – Pick an Error Code Curio.

– Leave
– Get an Error Code Curio.

– Continue your run as usual
The main method for getting Error Code Curios. They give negative effects at first, but will be “fixed” after a few battles and give unique, powerful effects.
Insect Nest– Go deeper into the insect nest.

– Stop at the entrance of the nest.
– Get the Insect Web Curio

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments
The main method for getting the Insect Web Curio. This is a negative Curio, so get it once for your collection and avoid it at subsequent events.
Interactive Arts– Musical.

– Action.

– Please let me live.
– Get a 2-star Elation Blessing

– Get a 2-star Hunt Blessing

– All characters restore 100% HP
I.O.U. Dispenser– I’ll buy it.

– I don’t need it.
– Get the Angel-type I.O.U. Dispenser Curio

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments
The main method for getting the Angel-type I.O.U Dispenser Curio.
Jim Hulk and Jim Hall– Jim Hulk’s collection.

– Walk away.
– Get a random 1-star or 2-star Blessing

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments
Kindling of the Self-Annihilator– Accept the flames of “Self-destruction” and destroy the black box.

– Refuse.
– Get a Negative Curio and a random 3-star Blessing

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments
Saleo (Part 1)– Pick Sal.

– Pick Leo.
– Get 1 Curio while all characters lose 20% of their current HP.

– Lose 1 Curio while getting a 2-star Blessing
You get to pick which Curio you’ll lose, so you can get rid of negative ones.
Sal (Part 2)– Pick Sal.

– Let Leo out.
– Get 1 Curio while all characters lose 20% of their current HP.

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments.
Must have completed Saleo at any point before.
Leo (Part 3)– Pick Leo.

– Let Sal out.
– Lose 1 Curio while getting a 2-star Blessing

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments
Must have completed Sal at any point before.
Nildis (Three variations)– Flip the card.

– Give up.
– Get an X% chance of entering a battle. If you don’t enter, you get either a Blessing, Curio, Cosmic Fragments or nothing.

– Continue your run as usual.
The chances of battle increase as you pick cards. A Blank Card means nothing happens, but battle chances increase regardless.
Nomadic Miners– Qlipoth’s Favor.

-Qlipoth’s Blessing.
– Enhance 2 random Blessings

– Get a random 2-star Preservation Blessing.
Rock, Paper, Scissors – Fight for the 0.63% chance.

– Pick the 100% security.
– Fight a strong opponent for 2 extra Blessings.

– Lose 100 Cosmic Fragments and continue your run.
Ruan Mei– Worship Aeons.

– Want lots of money.
– Get all Blessings of X Path.

– Get 2000 Cosmic Fragments.
The most powerful Event, appears very rarely. The Blessings you get depend on your current Path.
Shopping Channel– A box of expired doughnuts.

– A lotus that can sing the Happy Birthday song.

– A mechanical box.
– All characters lose a certain percentage of their current HP.

– You exchange 1 Blessing for a 1-star Blessing.

– You get 1 Curio.
Societal Dreamscape– Swallow the other fish eye and continue to enjoy the massage.

– Return to work.
– Get a Negative Curio and 300 Cosmic Fragments.

– Get 100 Cosmic Fragments
The Architects– Thank the Aeon Qlipoth.

– Leave.
– Get 1 Curio
– Get 150 Cosmic Fragments
The Cremators– Give everything to “them.”

– Bear ten carats of trash.
– Lose a 1 or 2-star Blessing to get a 1 to 3-star Blessing

– Get 80 Cosmic Fragments
Three Little Pigs– Play a bit with Sequence Trotters.

– Leave
– Enter battle with three Trotters. For each of them you defeat, you get an extra Blessing.

– Continue your run as usual.
Unending Darkness– Head into the darkness.

– Fight the pull.
– Get a Negative Curio

– Enter a fight to escape
We Are Cowboys– Pay

– Protect the cowboy’s final honor.
– Pay 50% of your current Cosmic Fragments to avoid fighting.

– Fight to avoid losing your Fragments.
Pixel World– Climb into the pipes to the left.

– Jump onto the bricks to the right.
– Get 200 Cosmic Fragments

– Get two 1-star Blessings while losing 20% of all of your characters’ HP.
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Transaction Events 

No fighting, just business. You can exchange resources (such as Cosmic Fragments or even HP) for some special bonuses, so exchange wisely.

Event NameChoicesEffectsNotes
Let’s Exchange Gifts– Blessing Reforge

– Blessing Exchange

– Leave
– Exchange a 3-star Blessing for another one of the same rarity

– Discard a 1-star or 2-star Blessing for a 1, 2 or 3-star Blessing

– Refuse the trade and continue your run
You decide which Blessing you’ll give up.
Make A Wish– Exchange for 1 Blessing of 2-star rarity

– Exchange for 1 Blessing of 3-star rarity

– Leave
– All characters lose 20% of their current HP

– All characters lose 80% of their current HP

– Refuse the trade and continue your run
The negative effect can be effectively nullified if your healer has their Ultimate up.
Robot Sales Terminal– Purchase 1 Blessing of 1-2 star rarity

– Purchase 1 Blessing of 1-3 star rarity

– Leave
– Costs 50 Cosmic Fragments

– Costs 100 Cosmic Fragments

– Refuse the trade and continue your run
More value than Herta’s 1-star Blessing at Respite rooms.

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Encounter Events

In these events, you’re pitched against powerful boss creatures, getting extra Blessings as rewards for defeating them. These can easily give you an early game over, so be careful when fighting those!

Event NameChoicesEffectsNotes
Periodic Demon LordHurry and delete the Cyclic Demon Lord’s life algorithm!Fight a powerful enemy. Defeat it in 4 cycles to get an extra Blessing.Defeating the boss after 4 cycles still rewards you with a Blessing as usual. If you manage to defeat it in time, you get two of them.
Tavern– Challenge Mr. France’s security team.

– Challenge the burly Avila’s mercenary company

– Fight them both together!
You get an extra Blessing for each enemy you defeat. Fighting both of them gets you two extra Blessings. You get an achievement if you lose this fight. Fighting both at the same time can be quite difficult, so be careful.

Finding all of them will take some time, but it will eventually happen. Just enjoy your SU runs as usual and try your luck at some events from time to time. The best time for that might be when using your Immersifiers to farm for some more Relics.

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