What Should You Do with the Necromancy of Thay in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

Sure, you could blow it up. Or you could become a puppeteer of the undead.

There is no shortage of interesting reads within tomes in Baldur’s Gate 3. From those that will teach you how to craft masterwork weapons to books that will give you tantalizing hints about the events to come. But no book is as intriguing as the Necromancy of Thay. But what should you do with the Necromancy of Thay in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Should You Destroy or Read the Necromancy of Thay in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Necromancy of Thay is the tome of a necromancer, hidden in the apothecary cellar in the Blighted Village. And this book is capable of doling out permanent harm and permanent advantage. But is it worth it?

Destroying the Necromancy of Thay in Baldur’s Gate 3 – Pros and Cons

The Necromancy of Thay is the most obviously evil book in the existence of anything, ever. It looks like it’s literally wrapped in human skin. And yet it’s tempting to read, isn’t it?

But if you manage to resist the urge and destroy it instead, you’ll find three things occur.

First, if Gale and Astarion are in your party, they’ll disapprove of your actions. That’s because they want to read the book. Everyone else will approve.

The second is that you’ll get 115 experience points, thus completing several quests.

The third is that the shadows contained within the book will attack you.

If this sounds like the outcome you want, be aware that the only thing that can destroy the Necromancy of Thay is Radiant Damage. Shadowheart and her Guiding Light attack is enough to get the job done.

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Reading the Necromancy of Thay in Baldur’s Gate 3 – Pros and Cons

If you go against common sense and read the Necromancy of Thay, there’s a chance that the character reading the tome will get a negative -1 to Wisdom.

But that’s only if you fail your saving throws.

The character you choose to have read the Necromancy of Thay will need to pass three saving throws. The first one requires a 10 or better, the second a 15 or better, and the third a 15 or better. Pass on all three, and choose to read each page, and the character reading the book will gain the ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ passive feature.

This will give the possessor a +1 bonus to Wisdom Saving Throws and Abiltiy Checks. So, use it on whatever character would most benefit from it.

And that’s all that you can do for Act 1. But in Act 3, you’ll be able to find the last page of the Necromancy of Thay in a wizard’s shop and vault. This will allow the character to finish reading the book, which will unlock the spell Danse Macabre for the reader. This spell will allow the reader to summon five undead each long rest.

Overall, I think the benefits outweigh the potential consequences.

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