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What is Weapon Proficiency in Battlefield 2042?

2042 brings the classics back.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Weapon Proficiency

With the 3.2 update in Season 3 of Battlefield 2042, the general function of Specialists and Classes has completely changed. Fans of the classic Class system will be happy to know that the four-way split has returned to the game and Weapon Proficiency mechanics are part of the split.

These proficiencies have always been part of past Battlefield games in one way or another. The benefits or differences tend to vary and they offer up unique ways for each Class to play a role in battle. We’ll discuss each Weapon Proficiency coming to Battlefield 2042 so you know what changed.

Battlefield 2042 – Each New Weapon Proficiency

Now that Battlefield 2042 has four separate Classes with real tangible differences, each one will have a bonus passive called a Weapon Proficiency as well. Every bonus is fairly powerful and will certainly sway the way that players tackle objectives on the ground. Below you can find all four listed.

  • Assault – Three extra magazines on Assault Rifles
  • Engineer – Improved accuracy while crouched or prone on Light Machine Guns
  • Support – Faster draw time on Submachine Guns
  • Recon – Immediate and constant steady scope on Sniper Rifles

Not only are these passive buffs exclusive to the class, they are also exclusive to the weapon listed in each category. That means if Support wants a faster draw time, it has to be with a Submachine Gun. SMGs are already fast and now players who are on support will draw their weapon faster than anyone else. The goal for the Weapon Proficiency bonuses in Battlefield 2024 is to make each class play a role like they used to and reward those who use the suggested weapons. Along with the weapons, we will have changes to equipment as well, making each Class even more specialized.

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