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What is the Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? – Answered

Bring those absolute powerhouses home

by Patrick Souza
Strongest Pokemon Scarlet Violet

This debate is old as time itself and has amassed people around many discussion boards across the world. Which could be the best Pokemon out there, now that we have over one thousand creatures to choose from for our team? At the risk of being violently attacked for not choosing the real correct option, I’m here for saying which is DEFINITELY the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Which is the Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

This question can be interpreted in many different ways. Are we talking about physical strength? Or is it just the stats that matter? Are you counting the legendaries or not? There are many ways a Pokemon can be “strong”. Some may not look that good in battles but are absolute beasts in competitive, for example.

That should be enough for setting some bars for what a “strong Pokemon” is. For that reason, we’ll be giving multiple answers for who’s the strongest Pokemon for the Scarlet and Violet games.

Strongest Including Legendaries: Miraidon

Strongest Pokemon Miraidon
Image via The Pokemon Company

That might have been obvious for some, but Miraidon’s the best. That’s no slander to all of you Koraidon fans, but future lizard’s slightly better due to its typing and stats. Both cover Legendaries have the exact same base stats (670), but Koraidon’s a physical attacker while Miraidon goes for special hits.

With that said, the strongest Dragon move (Draco Meteor) in the game is a Special move, giving the edge to Miraidon. Koraidon has some powerful Outrages in its favor, but we’re talking about raw power here. His typing also gives him fewer weaknesses than Koraidon, and while they’re technically equal in power, he ends up being just a little bit stronger than his past counterpart. This is why he’s considered the strongest Pokemon in those games, and we didn’t even have to mention how Violet has the better exclusives or how Miraidon has a superior design.

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Strongest Excluding Legendaries: Palafin (Hero Form)

How to Switch Palafin into Hero Form in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot by Prima Games

Imagine how shocking must be for all of those roaring, time-dislocated beasts roaming in Area Zero to learn about a regular dolphin that’s more threatening than any of them. Palafin looks like a joke at first glance. You need to delve into co-op to evolve Finizen, and when it finally does, it doesn’t change at all. It has a heart in its chest, but that’s it. Until you read its passive, of course.

Zero to Hero transforms Palafin into his Hero form once he switches out and goes back into the field once, and it stays in that form during the whole combat.  It learns Flip Turn when evolving, making the task much easier. And when that thing’s on the field, it becomes an unstoppable monster with a total of 650 base stats, almost the same amount as the cover Legendaries. Heck, it even surpasses the Treasures of the Ruin legendaries in raw stats!

It didn’t take long for Smogon to bonk it with the ban hammer, putting it together with other Legendaries in competitive battles. You can still freely use the dolphin hero in Paldea if you feel like delivering justice to your enemies with your own two hands (or fins).

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Physically Strongest: Tyranitar

Image via The Pokemon Company

This good n’ old green lizard isn’t a newcomer by any means, but he’s still part of Paldea’s Dex, so he shouldn’t be left behind. Most of its entries across generations state how he reshapes whole regions by simply walking. That’s no small feat, and we’re not even talking about his Mega Evolution which extends that to an even greater power.

This guy has been a monster in raw strength since its debut and maintains his spot as one of the physically strongest Pokemon ever made. His Violet Pokedex entry states that “In just one of its mighty hands, it has the power to make the ground shake and mountains crumble.”. If that doesn’t look like something a very buff and angry guy would do, I have no idea what it would.

Jokes aside, those are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet according to the game’s data. If you’re looking for more guides on how to get those beefy bois for your team, Prima Games’s the place to go. Check out our other guides for the games to know how to catch your dream team.

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