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What is the Rarest Mob in Minecraft 1.19? – Answered

Some players never get to see them.

by Nikola L

Minecraft is the home of many different creatures (mobs), with the list growing as time passes. There are even community votes about which mob will be introduced next to Minecraft, called “Mob Vote” which we have covered here at Prima Games in the past. Not all Mobs are made equal, especially when it comes to chances (odds) of them appearing. You will naturally, see a good deal of them all the time as you play Minecraft, but some will be a pretty rare sight, so a lot of players are wondering what is the rarest mob in Minecraft… We’ll try to figure this out for all of you. Enjoy.

What are the Rarest Mobs in Minecraft?

There are many, many theories, statistics, YouTube videos, and opinions about what are the rarest mobs in Minecraft, let alone which mob is the rarest of them all in the entirety of the Minecraft universe.

We’ll list some of the rarest mobs around which there is a consensus that they are one of the rarest, if not the rarest in Minecraft.

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Chicken Jockey Zombies are probably the rarest mobs in Minecraft so far. Jockeys are, by definition, mobs that are riding another mob. In this case, these are zombies (or even rarer, baby zombies) riding a chicken into the battle. As epic as it sounds, it’s truly a rare sight to see. There is a low chance (less than 5%?) that a Zombie will spawn as a baby, which adds another layer of obscurity. Do you know what else would add another layer of obscurity? That Baby Zombie wearing Diamond Armor and having a Diamond Sword… And now imagine those two are enchanted.

Basically, a regular Zombie or a Skeleton with Diamond Armor is rare enough.

However, it seems that the rarest one would be the Halloween Zombie, wearing a Diamond Armor and Sword while riding a chicken. The worst part of its rarity is that it can only spawn on Halloween.

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