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What is the QSMP in Minecraft? – Answered

What's Quackity up to now?

by Nikola L
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Minecraft is, without any hesitation, one of the biggest games ever. It has gone through so many changes, through so much development, and it has grown so much (both as a game and on us).

Many communities have sprouted over the years, and countless YouTube and Twitch content creators (streamers, let’s players) have gained worldwide fame because of it. QSMP in Minecraft is just one of many products of such personalities.

In short, QSMP is a Minecraft server pioneered by Quackity, but there is a twist to it.

What Kind of a Minecraft Server is QSMP? – Explained

QSMP is a Minecraft Survival server that’s bilingual (English and Spanish). It was Quackity’s (YouTube, Second YouTube, Twitch) idea to create such a big project. QSMP stands for Quackity’s Survival Multiplayer Minecraft. There’s apparently a decent quantity of roleplaying on the server, with the characters getting their own lore. Quackity has a lot of followers in both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences, so he decided to conduct a merge of the communities. Let’s see how it goes!

Which YouTubers and Twitch Streamers are Participating in QSMP?

Here’s the current list of famous participators from the official Quackity Twitter account. Disclaimer: This can change at any time. More faces can appear, some people may stop participating, and all that.

You can check official QSMP updates on English and Spanish Twitter accounts.

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  • Wilbursoot
  • FitMC
  • Philza
  • JaidenAnimations
  • BadBoyHalo
  • FoolishGamers
  • DanTDM
  • Slimecicle
  • Luzu
  • Rubius
  • ElMariana
  • Spreen
  • MissaSinFonia
  • Roier
  • Vegetta777
  • Maximus
Official Twitter Account of Quackity

Check out the server trailer below:

Official Twitter Account of Quackity

As an example, here are two streams that you can now (re)watch as VoDs on Twitch:

There’s another funny video that announces QSMP on Quackity’s second YouTube channel:

All in all, a big project with a big ambition. We’ll see where it goes in the following weeks and months, and we hope that it will be a wholesome experience for many, whether they are active participants as content creators, watchers of many different streams that will take place, or if they are actually on the server and playing.

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