What is the Quantum Courser in WoW Dragonflight? – Answered

Schrödinger's dungeon mount.

World of Warcraft’s challenging new “Megadungeon,” Dawn of the Infinite, is in its second reset this week. If you’re equipped, literally and figuratively, to tackle it, the rewards are well worth it. From exceptionally high item level rewards to cosmetics, upgrade materials and more, there’s plenty of reason to get your feet uh, sandy.

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But there’s one particular reward in the Dungeon Journal – one that drops from the final boss – that’s a bit mysterious.

The Reins of the Quantum Courser – What is it?

This ghostly-looking loot drop comes from Chrono-Lord Deios and has an appropriately low drop rate: around 2.5%. It’s not exactly a mount, instead, it grants an uncollected mount from a collection of exceedingly rare mounts from past expansions. To be more specific, it looks like it mostly targets dungeon mounts, such as Sharkbait or the Raven Lord.

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The good news is a lot of the dungeon-specific mounts that can come from the Quantum Courser have drop rates even lower than the Courser itself. This means you could get a mount with less than a 1% drop otherwise by using the item. The bad news, of course, is that you can’t choose exactly which one you want.

The Quantum Courser is certainly appropriately-themed. Let’s just be glad it can’t drop something like a vanilla horse mount that you forgot to buy from the vendor like eight years ago.

One more fun fact: if you have all the mounts the Courser can possibly grant, it won’t be used! So, uh, congrats, I guess. Enjoy the nice icon art instead.

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