A Great Organization and Accessibility Feature is Heading to WoW Dragonflight

But at what cost?

WoW’s content machine is in full churn at the moment, and with patch 10.1.7 hitting the PTR, we’ve been getting a steady flow of datamines, dev commentary, and blog posts outlining several upcoming features to the game. In a recent interview, developer Morgan Day outlined a new feature coming in 10.1.7 that could severely help (or hinder) any group content.

WoW is Getting A Ping System in 10.1.7

Similar to games like Lost Ark and gulp League of Legends, World of Warcraft is getting a ping system that will allow players to contextually mark terrain, enemies, and spell effects with different symbols. This is different than the current system, which is limited to static markers that can be placed around say, a boss arena, because it involves real-time player interaction.

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Ping systems are, in theory, a great idea. They can allow groups to coordinate more easily, and are fantastic for new players or players with a need for a bit of added accessibility in the way of visual information relating to some fights.

They are, in practice, sometimes incredibly toxic. Look no further than the aforementioned League of Legends, where question mark pings will litter a lane if a player dies there. They’re just another way of indirect, passive-aggressive confrontation that keyboard warriors love to employ against those they perceive as a hindrance.

But enough dooming and glooming – while there are certainly concerns with a system like this, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. I know my raid group will take full advantage of these, and as a healer, it’ll be nice to warn my DPS who just love taking avoidable damage.

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