World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.5 “Welcome Back” Gift Details

Confetti not included.

Players who plan on returning to World of Warcraft Dragonflight, and who haven’t been active for a little while, will be getting some sweet goodies to make their return journey as smooth as possible. Blizzard have announced a whole host of changes and additions coming to the game’s July 11 patch, 10.1.5, not least of which is the addition of a “Welcome Back” gift granted to returning players.

How to Get World of Warcraft Welcome Back Gift

You’ll need a character from level 10-60, and to have been logged out fo 60 consecutive days to get the Welcome Back gift. It’s obviously meant to be more of an incentive to players who haven’t played in a while rather than something to be coveted by active adventurers, so before you go cancelling your subscription just to get this “gift” – let’s see what it actually includes.

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What’s in the World of Warcraft Welcome Back Gift?

The gift includes a set of appropriate gear that matches your character level which is based on the specialization you choose upon logging in, as well as a set of bags. Activating the gift also teleports you to your capital city, removes all active quests from the quest log.

Your removed gear and bags are sent to the Postmaster, and can be retrieved via the mailbox.

To reiterate – this is an optional gift. If you don’t want your gear and bags removed, or your quest log cleared, you don’t have to activate it! But I think it’s a great, alt-friendly offering for players like myself who like to take breaks for weeks or months at a time from the game, only to return and feel a little lost.

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