What is the next FFXIV Expansion? Upcoming FFXIV Release Schedule and Expansion Details

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FFXIV Next Expansion Update Schedule

Final Fantasy XIV has been going on for over ten years now, and it shows no signs of stopping. With a regular patch schedule and tons of new content that helps keep the game fresh, Eorzea is an ever-expanding place. And that’s why players are always keen to know when the next updates are dropping. Here’s the complete Final Fantasy XIV update schedule, including regular patches and expansions.

What Is The Next FFXIV Expansion?

The next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is Dawntrail, announced during the FFXIV Fan Festival 2023. It’s a new step forward after Endwalker, and it will feature a big graphical update, two new DPS jobs, new areas, a level cap increase to 100 and much more.

Dawntrail is set to be released around Summer 2024 with no exact release date yet. The expansion follows the conclusion of the Hydaelyn & Zodiark saga and starts a brand new story in the mysterious lands of New World, a previously unexplored continent in the western seas. 

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The two new jobs are unrevealed as of now, but we know they’ll be a new Melee DPS and a Magical Ranged DPS. Yoshida is known for teasing new jobs through his shirt, and he was wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt this time. We’ll probably learn more about it in the coming months.

Full FFXIV Update Release Schedule

There’s always a patch to look forward to in this game. Final Fantasy XIV is currently at the 6.45 patch released on July 18th. Main patches (6.1, 6.2…) are usually released in a 4-month cycle, with minor patches (6.15, 6.18…) being loosely released in between. Based on the latest update schedule, we can make some predictions for future update releases:

  • Patch 6.5: Around October 2023
  • Dawntrail Expansion: Summer 2024

There were eight months between the final main Shadowbringers patch (5.5) and the release of Endwalker (6.0), so we might have to wait about the same time for the new expansion. This would put Dawntrail on a release date around June/August 2024. Again, this is pure speculation and not official info by any means, but we’ll be sure to inform the actual date once it’s revealed.

There will be tons of changes being introduced with Dawntrail, including new System Requirements for the game. Take a look at them to make sure your PC will still be able to run the critically acclaimed MMO.

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