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A new land to discover

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The Dawntrail trailer for the newest Final Fantasy XIV expansion has certainly delighted fans. Fans who were eager to see which steps the game would take after finishing the years long Hydaelyn & Zodiark saga in Endwalker. And those steps are now taking us straight to New World, the main setting for the 7.0 patches. We’ve heard about the place here and there, but where exactly is it? Or even better, what exactly is the New World?

What Is New World in Final Fantasy XIV?

Not to be confused with the equally named Amazon MMORPG, New World is how Eorzeans named Tural, another continent in the Final Fantasy XIV world. Located on the western shores previously unexplored by the Warrior of Light, the location is mainly known for being the birthplace of the Blue Mage job, as well as having various legends regarding it.

The name Tural was first mentioned in the Fan Fest 2023 screening, so we only knew the area as the New World continent up until now. The main cast is tasked with helping the rites of succession for the region in Dawntrail, and this kickstarts the expansion as a whole.

Up until now, the main FFXIV plot has been centered around the Aldenard continent where Eorzea is located. During Stormblood, we finally had the chance to visit Othard. Ilsabard was a new location introduced in Endwalker, but we already had some glimpses of it during Shadowbringers with areas like Gangos and Bozja. This is yet another continent we’re now visiting.

We had little to no previous knowledge about the area, save for the fact that blue magic hails from it, and its creators, the Whalaqee live in an area known as Lapis Canyon, filled with cerulean. This is a plot point in the first Blue Mage quests, where you help to protect these sacred lands from monetary interests.

FFXIV New World Blue Mage
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Aside from that, the other main mention to New World was made during the Endwalker climax (spoilers ahead). Emet-Selch claimed that there were cities of gold to be discovered in it, and we’ll surely be keeping our eyes open for that!

FFXIV New World Cities of Gold
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When is the New World Coming to FFXIV?

While there’s still no definitive release date, the Dawntrail expansion is set to be released around Summer 2024, so it won’t be here anytime soon. But there are definitely lots of things to do in Eorzea while you’re waiting, like falling over and over again in the newest company crossover.

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