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What is the New Flashpoint Map in Battlefield 2042 Season 4?

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
Flashpoint Map

For the Eleventh Hour, also known as Season 4 in Battlefield 2042, DICE has put together a map that brings nearly every element of the game together. Flashpoint will be the defining location for the new season of content and it brings along the final Specialist within the game.

So far, the map looks like a great combination of playstyles that takes advantage of the size of Battlefield 2042. Some maps have struggled to really capture each style, but what better time to take advantage of different play styles than with Season 4 following the class system changes?

Battlefield 2042 – Flashpoint Map Details

The latest map brings players to the northern part of South Africa in a development complex that met an unfavorable fate. In comparison to other maps, Flashpoint looks similar to the outskirts of Renewal, but with far more design. In normal conquest modes, there will be 6 main points, with fairly stark changes across the board.

Points A1 and B1 are outside and are a mix of designs. Infantry can thrive here with all of the buildings. However, there are wide streets that support plenty of vehicles. Towers also litter these points so that snipers can feel at home. This will likely be one of the most chaotic parts of the map.

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C1 and D1 are the most unique parts of the map that bring players underground for some large-scale shootouts. Vehicle elevators exist for these areas as well, so don’t assume that the underground will be safe for infantry. You’ll be caught off guard quickly without one squad mate having explosives.

For the last part of Flashpoint, we have E1 and F1. Both of these areas have been described as infantry-heavy areas that are a dream for players who enjoy close quarters. F1 specifically is designed as a team deathmatch-like section that encourages kills over anything else.

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