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How Will Classes Work in Battlefield 2042 3.2?

Back to the basics.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Classes Update

It took some time, but with the latest 3.2 update for Battlefield 2042, we’re back to the classic Classes system that we all know and love from the series. This brings plenty of balance to the game that fans have been calling for, along with more restrictions on what can be used and when.

Specialists that were added to Battlefield 2042 were supposed to be a replacement to the class system that brought variety and freedom to the game. However, much of the identity of the series was lost as well. Now it’s back and we’re going to explain how that affects the game, which Classes have returned, and how Specialists are effected.

Battlefield 2042 3.2 Update – How Will Classes Work

Four Classes will make up the core gameplay found in Battlefield 2042, the way it has always been, so many players will be accustomed to the change. One of the main differences will be the split of Specialists to each Class. Weapons won’t be restricted, but the characters will be, and this is something new entirely.

BF 2042 Classes and Specialists:

  • Assault – This class is meant for close quarters or mid-range fights where killing enemies or destroying vehicles is the main goal. You’ll find that Assault Rifles and explosives are your friends here and most players will pick this up. Specialists include Mackay, Dozer, Sundance, and Zain.
  • Engineer – Vehicles that get hurt by the Assault class players are going to need some patches. That’s where the Engineer Class comes into play. Not only will this class help in repairs, but it can also be used to destroy vehicles from a distance as well. Specialists include Boris, Crawford, and Lis.
  • Support – Medics and ammo suppliers are more than welcome in this section. Support is all about helping out your team so the system runs well, and there are a few characters that fit that role. Specialists include Falck, Angel, and Irish.
  • Scout – We all know which players will head up high or in the back up of the map with this option. Snipers will feel right at home in this Class and it’s tailored toward picking enemies off and gaining intel for the rest of your team at range. Specialists include Paik, Casper, and Rao.

Of course, each Class will also have specialized equipment and proficiencies to make them even more unique. Gone are the days of mixing and matching everything within Battlefield 2042. Now players will need to coordinate more to make the victory possible.

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