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What is the Medallion Case in Destiny 2 Guardian Games?

For more than just trinkets.

by Aidan O'Brien

As the Guardian Games get underway in Destiny 2, newer players will find themselves running into all manner of new things. One of the features introduced just for this event is the Medallion Case. It is rewarded during Best in Class quest and will give players access to a couple of useful features.

What is the Medallion Case

The Medallion Case can be found in your quest tab in the Director after it is given to you by Eva Levante in the Best in Class quest. You can examine the Medallion Case the same way you can any other quest, and when you do, a new screen will open detailing new information.

Screenshot by Prima Games

On the new screen, you will be able to see a count of your various medallions. These can be earned by completing activities in the game, or Contender Cards that can be obtained from Eva Levante for 100 Laurels. Players can early Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum medallions, and these will be counted each day.

The other function of the Medallion Case is to tell players with Daily Focus playlist is active. In the Daily Focus playlist, players will be able to earn additional Laurels, making Laurel farming much quicker than in other playlists. And that it! Now you know exactly what the Medallion Case is for in Destiny 2.

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