What is the Job Level-Boost and Scenario Skip in Final Fantasy XIV? – Answered

Can't be bothered with the MSQ? Do we have the perfect option for you.

Final Fantasy XIV has been the bane of my existence lately, and it’s not for the reasons you may expect. I started playing on the European servers to play with a buddy who had just started up the game, all while folks that I work with would also like to run through Dungeons, Trials, and Raids together. However, I’m not looking forward to jumping back into the MSQ for the second time, even if it was a blast to play through. That’s where the Job Level-Boost and Scenario Skip come into play, but are they worth your time and cash? Let’s find out.

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What Is The Job Level-Boost & Scenario Skip In FFXIV?

The Job Level-Boost & Scenario Skips are precisely what they sound like; they allow you to skip playing through the MSQ again and/or grant a fully unlocked character that is ready to go. Depending on the pack/packs that you purchase, you can unlock the following items:

Items Unlocked With the “A Realm Reborn” Scenario Skip in FFXIV

  • All Other MSQs completed, starting on “Coming To Ishgard” for Heavensward
  • Grand Company Enrollment in your starting city
  • Most dungeons and trails unlocked from A Realm Reborn
  • Ability to ride mounts
  • Aetheryte Teleports are all unlocked
  • Area Maps unlocked
  • Dyes & Glamour unlocked
  • Minions from ARR unlocked
  • Orchestrion Rolls unlocked
  • New Game Plus
  • Extra Items

Items Unlocked With Level-Boost in FFXIV

  • Instant Level 80 Character
  • All Job Quests completed
  • Soul Crystal instantly unlocked/equipped
  • Extra items

Where To Purchase Tales Of Adventure & One Hero’s Journey Unlock For FFXIV

If you’re hoping to invest in these particular packs, you’ll need to head over to the Mog Station to unlock them. Do note, however, that if you do purchase this pack, you’ll need to ensure that you’re subscribed, otherwise, you will not be able to play with this particular character any longer. Since the Free Trial only goes to Level 60, this will push them beyond that realm, so you’ll need a new character or a subscription to play with them. Make sure you check what class you want to fully level up before you purchase the packs here.

How Do You Redeem Your Level-Skip Items In Final Fantasy XIV?

Screenshot by Prima Games

As you can see, Dodopume Bubupume here is only a Level 3 Gladiator. As my alt character, I haven’t spent nearly as much time pouring love and care into him as I have with my main character. However, I purchased the Machinist Tome that will allow me to instantly become a Level 80 character so I can adventure along with the Prima Teama.

Screenshot by Prima Games

To claim my items, I just need to ensure that I speak with a Delivery Moogle. These adorable little creatures can be found in just about every city, with their location marked with a small envelope on your main map. Approach them and speak to them to get your Adventure Tales book.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you have spoken with Delivery Moogle, you’ll need to claim your items, which will then be added to your characters inventory for you to use. Do note, however, that this is not an account-wide purchase like other items, so you’ll need to ensure that you’ve picked the right character before you go through with opening this. While items like the Fat Moogle Mount and the Fat Chocobo Mount may be account-wide, you can only use them with one character on your account.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you have obtained your Adventure Book, you’ll need to access your Inventory and select Use to open it. Once the book has been opened, your character will be logged out, and you will need to join back on. After reading through the Splash Screen, you’ll be ready to start exploring the world with your newly powered-up character and get ready to explore everything before you without needing to worry about anything getting in your way.

How To Claim Your MSQ Skip Items In Final Fantasy XIV

Dodopume the Lalafell in Level 80 Gear in FFXIV
Screenshot by Prima Games

Now that Mr. Pume is a Level 80 Machinist, we’re looking into the story skip. Since I’m working through the MSQ with my main character, I figured I could do myself a favor and get my hands on the MSQ skip for my other favorite little guy. If you’ve purchased the MSQ skip through the Square Enix website, this is what you’ll need to do to redeem it for your own.

Tales of Adventure: Heavensward  tome from the Delivery Moogle in FFXIV
Screenshot by Prima Games

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll want to head toward the closest Delivery Moogle and speak with them at your earliest convenience. Once you have spoken with them, you’ll have the Tales of Adventure book for your story content, alongside a few other items that you can claim. Take all of them and then visit your inventory.

Tales of Adventure book in inventory FFXIV
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you have opened your inventory, you’ll want to find the tome that you’re hoping to read. Click on it to access it, and then click Use to start progressing your story forward. After a brief cutscene, you’ll be transported to the Inn in your hometown, and you’ll be ready to start the next expansion. Since the majority of my friends in Final Fantasy XIV are much further into the story than I am, I wanted to get at least halfway caught up here.

Is The Level-Boost & MSQ Skip Worth It In Final Fantasy XIV?

No matter if you’re just getting into MMORPGs for the first time, or you just don’t feel like going through the entire MSQ again with a new character, this is absolutely worth your money. Time is money, as they say, and this will save you countless hours of it. Even if you’re looking to get a Healer before your next raid, this is by far the most effective way to get battle-ready in no time.

However, at $25 per book, it can become rather pricey. My main character is capable in three different classes, and I’m not sure how I would feel about spending at least $100 to get my alt ready for this kind of action. If you’ve got an unending pocketbook, then this is the fastest way to get a character ready to go for any kind of action that can be thrown their way.

Every warrior of light needs a little help along the way, and we’ve got you covered. From the start of your adventure, throughout the worlds that lay before you, our Final Fantasy XIV section below can help you get ready for Shadowbringers and anything in between.

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