How Do Multi-Person Mounts Work In Final Fantasy XIV – Answered

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If you’re a big fan of playing Final Fantasy XIV with your friends, it seems that the ability to travel with your friends in a group would be the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Thankfully, Multi-Person mounts are a thing in this world, so having the ability to roam the plains with a few friends is easier than ever. But, before you make a big purchase, you may wonder if they’re worth it. Let’s jump in and find out where you can get your hands on these mounts and if they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

What Is A Multi-Person Mount In Final Fantasy XIV?

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A Multi-Person mount is exactly as it sounds: it’s a mount you and your friends can ride together in style. Navigating some of the later portions of the world with friends or just giving someone a break from the action is always a great feeling, especially when your options are rather adorable.

How Do I Get A Multi-Person Mount In Final Fantasy XIV?

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You can obtain Multi-Person mounts in Final Fantasy XIV in a few different ways. You can first obtain them by purchasing them directly through the Mog Station. If you do purchase one through this method, you’ll just need to visit a Delivery Moogle to get your hands on your new mount, which will appear in your inventory after you have accepted the gift.

Another option you have is progressing through the Main Scenario Quests or MSQ. As you continue playing the game, you’ll continue to unlock plenty of unique items, including glamour pieces, items, and even mounts that you can use with other players. However, if you’re impatient like me, your best bet will be purchasing one with cash.

How Do I Use A Multi-Person Mount In Final Fantasy XIV?

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The first thing you’ll need to do to use a Multi-Person mount is party up with as many players as can fit on the mount. This means that you’ll need to be an active subscriber or at least have a friend with an active subscription to get the most out of your new favorite mode of transportation.

Once you have activated it, either through the Mount Guide or hotbar setting you created, you’ll need to wait for your friend/friends to jump on by right-clicking/Square Button and selecting the mount and you’ll be ready to explore the world in style.

Can You Use A Multi-Person Mount Alone in Final Fantasy XIV?

If you don’t have any friends online, you may be wondering if you’ll have any use for your Multi-Person mount. Thankfully, you can ride it wherever you like by yourself or with your friends. This makes this purchase not only Multi-Person but Multi-Functional.

Now that you’re more prepared than ever to get into the world and start exploring, check out our Final Fantasy XIV section below to prepare yourself for the MMO adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re hoping to get your hands on the Fat Chocobo mount before you start exploring or you’re further along in the MSQ, we’ve got you covered in every step of the adventure.

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