FFXIV Starting Quests for Each Class: Limsa Lominsa, Gridania & Ul’dah Guide

Where do you want to start your adventure?

As you start your adventure into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, you may not have realized that your choice of class will also start you off in a different town than your friends during your adventure. Choosing the right class is not only important for raids and dungeons down the line but could also completely change your immediate experience with the game. Let’s find out which classes start you where and what kind of quests you’ll be running into down the line.

All Starting Quests For Each Town In Final Fantasy XIV

Below, you’ll find a list of all the starting towns alongside the quests you will receive when you select your particular class.

Ul’Dah Quest Line – Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge

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Quest NameQuest GiverLevel Required
Close To HomeMomodi1
We Must RebuildMomodi4
Nothing To See HerePapashan5
Underneath the SultantreePapashan5
Step NineCicidoa6
Prudence at This JunctionRoger8
Out of House and HomeWarin9
Way Down in the HoleZuzumeda9
Takin’ What They’re Givin’Momodi10
Supply and DemandsDadanen10
Give It To Me RawDrunken Stag10
The Perfect SwarmDrunken Stage11
Last Letter to Lost HopeFufulupa11
Heir Today, Gone TomorrowLeofric12
Passing the BladeLeofric12
Following FootfallsFufulupa13
Storms on the HorizonNunuzofu13
Oh Captain, My CaptainMerilda14
Duty, Honor, CountryFufulupa14
A Matter of TraditionOwyne14
A Royal ReceptionMomodi14
The Ul’dahn EnvoyRaubahn15
Call of the SeaSerpent Officer15

Gridania Quest Line – Lancer, Archer, Conjurer

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Quest NameQuest GiverLevel Required
Close To HomeMother Miounne1
To the BannockMother Miounne4
Passing MusterGalfrid5
Chasing ShadowsGalfrid5
Eggs over QueasyGalfrid7
Surveying the DamageMonranguin8
A Soldier’s BreakfastPauline9
Spirthold BrokenGalfrid9
On to BentbranchMother Miounne10
You Shall Not trespassKeitha10
Don’t Look DownOsha Jaab11
In The Grim Darkness of the ForestTheodore11
Threat Level ElevatedRoseline11
Migrant MaraudersEylgar12
A Hearer Is Often LateLothaire13
Salvaging The SceneArmelle13
Leia’s LegacyLuquelot14
Dread is in the AirLuquelot14
To Guard a GuardianMother Miounne14
Festive EndeavorsLewin14
Renewing the CovenantMother Miounne14
The Gridanian EnvoyKan-E-Senna15
Call of the SeaBartholomew15

Limsa Lominsa Quest Line – Marauader, Arcanist

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Quest NameQuest GiverLevel Required
Close To HomeBaderon1
On to SummerfordBaderon4
Dressed to CallStaelwyrn5
Lurkers in the GrottoStaelwyrn5
Washed UpStaelwryrn7
Double DealingStaelwryrn8
Loam MaintenanceGurcant9
Plowshares to SwordsPfrewahl9
Just DesertsStaelwryrn9
Thanks a MillionWyrkrhit11
Relighting the TorchFraeloef11
On to the DrydocksH’naanza11
Without a DoubtAhrbyrm12
Righting the ShipwrightHaldbroda12
Do Angry Pirates DreamAhtbyrm13
Victory in PerilGhimthota14
Men of the Blue TattoosGhimthota14
Feint and StrikeBaderon14
High SocietyReyner Hansred14
A Mizzenmast RepastBaderon14
The Lominsan EnvoyMerlwyb15
Call of the SeaBartholomew15

Knowing what kinds of quests await you could help you determine the type of role to play during Dungeons and Raids, and make sure that your team is ready to steamroll any of the enemies waiting within. Be sure to check out our FFXIV section below to get your hands on plenty of useful information to make your next adventure all the more exciting.

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