Which Role Should You Pick In Final Fantasy XIV – Early Game Dungeon & Raid Guide

Which class should you choose when you first start up this MMO?

The world of Final Fantasy XIV can be daunting to get into, but nothing is more daunting than picking the class that you’re going to hopefully main throughout the MSQ. While you can pick up other classes along the way, finding something that will benefit you during the main story, alongside the dungeons that you encounter along the way, is rather important, so let’s see what kind of classes are available to play as, and which one may be the choice for you.

All Roles & Classes Available In Final Fantasy XIV

Below, you’ll find a list of all the classes available in FFXIV, alongside their overall role in the game. Be sure to choose wisely once you start because there is no going back.

Tank Role – Attention Gatherer

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If you’re looking to draw the aggression of your foes your way and deliver tons of damage, the Tank is likely the best choice for you. When you embark into dungeons, you’ll need to pull enemies in your direction and ensure that you’re keeping the attention on you at all times. Since you’ll have the most HP available of all classes, you’ll take plenty of hits while your healer works on keeping you from succumbing to your injuries.

If you’re hoping to partake in the role of Tank, pick one of the following classes to main:

  • Gladiator/Paladin.
  • Marauder/Warrior.
  • Dark Knight.
  • Gunbreaker.

DPS – Deliver Persistent Strikes

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No matter if you like to stay stationary or get moving, the DPS class offers plenty of fun. Depending on the class that you choose, you’ll have the ability to utilize a variety of different weaponry to cause extensive damage to any of the foes that you encounter during raids or dungeons. From the mighty Summoner, who brings forth creatures beyond this realm, to the nimble Archer, who can move around the battlefield freely while unleashing a volley of arrows, you’ll have a variety of attacks at your disposal to ensure that you defeat anything you encounter.

If you’re hoping to become a DPS class, choose from any of the following options:

  • Melee DPS
    • Pugilist/Monk.
    • Lancer/Dragoon.
    • Rouge/Ninja.
    • Samurai.
    • Reaper.
  • Physical Ranged DPS
    • Archer/Bard.
    • Machinist.
    • Dancer.
  • Magical Ranged DPS
    • Thaumaturge/Black Mage.
    • Arcanist/Summoner.
    • Red Mage.
    • Blue Mage.

Healer – Keep Your Friends Healthy and Safe

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If combat really isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to be the support network that your group of dungeon dwellers deserves, the Healer class may be what you’re looking for. It’s your goal to keep everyone alive and healthy throughout your adventures, and it’s surprisingly more difficult than you may imagine. As a healer, you’ll have access to a few damage spells so you can chip away at enemies’ health, but you’re going to offer more help than you could ever imagine by casting curing spells.

If you’re hoping to become a Healer, choose from any of the following classes:

  • Conjurer/White Mage
  • Arcanist/Scholar
  • Astrologian
  • Sage

How Do I Unlock a New FFXIV Class?

If you’re hoping to get your hands on another class, you’ll need to speak to the leader of the Guild that you would like to join. For example, when I first started my adventure, I chose to become a Gladiator during the character creation. However, once I arrived in Limsa Lominsa, I was able to speak with the leader of the Arcanist Guild to bring that on as a secondary class. Then, when I arrived in New Gridania, I was able to speak to the leader of the Conjurer’s Guild to add a Healer to my game.

Having a variety of classes to experiment with can help keep the game exciting and can always help draw you back into the action when you think you’ve had enough. Keeping a variety of different classes on your hotbars will allow you to swap through them when you are not in combat, so you always have something new to look forward to when you log in for the day.

No matter if you’re a veteran who has braved the expansions or someone who is just trying to find out if you can party up on the free trial, we’ve got you covered with our Final Fantasy XIV section below. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the tips and tricks you could ask for, and be ready to jump into the action of this critically acclaimed MMORPG.

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