Can You Party Up In The Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial? – Answered

Can you join up with friends in FFXIV if you aren't subscribed?

Being able to join up with a party with your friends is one of the best parts of an MMO, and it’s even better when there is a free trial like Final Fantasy XIV includes. However, during your time in the free trial, you’ll find that you don’t have full access to everything the game offers. Being able to create or join a party is included with the Full Subscription, but we’ll dive in and find out if your game is just glitching, or if it’s time to sign up for a full subscription.

Can You Create A Party On The Free Trial of Final Fantasy XIV?

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If you’re hoping to create a party with your closest friends and companions in Final Fantasy XIV, you must subscribe. This is one of the most frustrating parts of the Free Trial: the inability to create a party. This means that if you’re hoping to play with friends, you’ll need to find someone who is either a subscriber who is willing to help you get into a party with your pals or someone in the friend group is going to need to pony up the cash for a subscription.

Can You Join A Party On The Free Trial of Final Fantasy XIV?

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If you’re on the opposite side of the fence and know someone who has a subscription, will they be able to invite your character to their party? Thankfully, yes, they can. You’ll be able to receive party invitations, even though you cannot create a party yourself, so you’ll have the chance to link up with your friends and enjoy exploring the world together. You can even use Multi-Person Mounts if someone happens to have one.

While the free trial of FFXIV lets you do plenty, some portions of the game are still going to require an active subscription. Once you start it up, however, you’re never going to want to stop. Be sure to check out our Final Fantasy XIV section below to find out more about this excellent MMO, and how you can finally get your hands on the Fat Chocobo Mount of your dreams.

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