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FFXIV: All Shadowbringers MSQ Listed

Bringer of shadows.

by Jesse Vitelli

Shadowbringers, the third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, takes players to an entirely new area of the game. You’ll experience a wild story with twists and turns as you venture into the next adventure for the Scions. Here are all of the Shadowbringers MSQ missions in FFXIV listed.

FFXIV: All Shadowbringers MSQ Listed

So you’ve made it through A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood.

Below you will find all of the MSQ missions for the Shadowbringers expansion and the post-patch cycle quests that lead you into Endwalker:

Level 70-71

  • The Syrcus Trench
  • City of the First
  • Travelers of Norvrandt

In Search of Alphinaud Quest Chain

  • In Search of Alphinaud
  • A Still Tide
  • Open Arms, Closed Gate
  • A Fickle Existence
  • City of Final Pleasures
  • Free to Sightsee
  • A Taste of Honey
  • A Blessed Instrument
  • Emergent Splendor

In Search of Alisaie Quest Chain

  • In Search of Alisaie
  • City of the Mord
  • Working Off the Meal
  • A Desert Crossing
  • Following in Her Footprints
  • Culling Their Ranks
  • A Purchase of Fruit
  • The Time Left to Us
  • Tears on the Sand

Main Quest Continued

  • The Lightwardens
  • Warrior of Darkness

Levels 72-73

  • An Unwelcome Guest
  • The Crystarium’s Resolve
  • Logistics of War
  • The Oracle of Light
  • II Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom
  • Sul Uin’s Request
  • Y’s Iala’s Errand
  • Oul Sigun’s Plea
  • Unto the Truth
  • Courting Cooperation
  • The Key to the Castle – Dohn Mheg Dungeon
  • A Visit to the Nu Mou
  • A Fitting Payment
  • Spore Sweeper
  • The Lawless Ones
  • The Elder’s Answer
  • A Resounding Roar
  • Memento of a Friend
  • Acht-la Ormh Inn – The Dancing plague Trial
  • The Wheel Turns

Level 74-75

  • A Party Soon Divided
  • A Little Faith
  • Into the Dark
  • A Day in the Neighborhood
  • A Helping Hand
  • Lost but Not Forgotten
  • Saying Good-bye
  • Stirring up Trouble
  • A Beeautiful Plan
  • An Unwanted Proposal
  • Put to the Proof
  • Into the Wood
  • Top of the Tree
  • Look to the Stars
  • Mi Casa, Toupasa
  • Legend of the Not-so-hidden Temple
  • The Aftermath
  • In Good Faith
  • The Burden of Knowledge – The Qitana Ravel Dungeon
  • Bearing With It

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Level 76-77

  • Out of the Wood
  • When It Rains
  • Word from On High
  • Small Favors
  • The Best Way Out
  • Free Trade
  • The Trolley Problem
  • Rust and Ruin
  • On Track
  • Down for Maintenance
  • The Truth Hurts
  • A Convenient Distraction
  • A Dirty Job
  • Have a Heart
  • Full Steam Ahead
  • Crossroads
  • A Fresh Start – Malikah’s Well Dungeon
  • More than a Hunch
  • Return to Eulmore
  • A Feast of Lies
  • Paradise Fallen

Level 78-80

  • The Ladder
  • The View from Above
  • In Mt. Gulg’s Shadow
  • A Gigantic Undertaking
  • Meet the Tholls
  • A-Digging We Will Go
  • The Duergar’s Tewel
  • Rich Veins of Hope
  • That None Shall Ever Again
  • A Breath of Respite
  • Extinguishing the Last Light – Mt. Gulg Dungeon, The Crown of the Immaculate Trial
  • Reassuring the Masses
  • In His Garen
  • The Unbroken Thread
  • To Storm-tossed Seas
  • Waiting in the Depths
  • City of the Ancients
  • The Light of Inspiration
  • The Illuminated Land
  • The End of a World
  • A Greater Purpose
  • Shadowbringers – Amaurot Dungeon, The Dying Grasp Trial

Patch 5.1 Vows or Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

  • Shaken Resolve
  • A Grand Adventure – The Grand Cosmos Dungeon
  • A Welcome Guest
  • Good for the Soul
  • Nowhere to Turn
  • A Notable Absence
  • For the People
  • Finding Good Help
  • Moving Forward
  • Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

Patch 5.2 Echoes of a Fallen Star

  • Old Enemies, New Threats
  • The Way Home
  • Seeking Counsel
  • Facing the Truth
  • A Sleep Disturbed
  • An Old Friend
  • Deep Designs
  • A Whale’s Tale
  • Beneath the Surface – Anamnesis Anyder Dungeon
  • Echoes of a Fallen Star

Patch 5.3 Reflections in Crystal

  • In the Name of the Light
  • Heroic Dreams
  • Fraying Threads
  • Food for the Soul
  • Faded Memories
  • Etched in the Stars
  • The Converging Light – The Heroes’ Gauntlet Dungeon
  • Hope’s Confluence – The Seat of Sacrifice Trial
  • Nothing Unsaid
  • The Journey Continues
  • Unto the Morrow
  • Reflections in Crystal

Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten

  • Alisaie’s Quest
  • The Wisdom of Allag
  • Reviving the Legacy
  • Forget Us Not
  • Like Master, Like Pupil – Matoya’s Relict Dungeon
  • The Admiral’s Resolve
  • The Search for Sicard
  • On Rough Seas
  • The Great Ship Vylbrand
  • Futures Rewritten

Patch 5.5 Death unto Dawn

  • Unto the Breach
  • Here Be Dragons
  • Righteous Indignation
  • For Vengeance
  • The Flames of War – Paglth’an DUngeon
  • When the Dust Settles

Patch 5.56 Death Unto Dawn Part 2

  • The Company We Keep
  • On Official Business
  • Death Unto Dawn

That is all of the Shadowbringers MSQ missions listed. Now it’s time to head on to the Endwalker expansion, where you will find the conclusion of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga that has been building for 10 years.

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