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FFXIV: All Stormblood MSQ Listed

A storm of blood is upon us.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’re progressing along the MSQ of FFXIV and have been using our Heavensward and A Realm Reborn guides to help keep you on track, then you know it’s time for the second expansion, Stormblood. Here are all of the Stormblood MSQ missions listed.

FFXIV: All Stormblood MSQ Listed

Here you will find all of the main scenario quests for the Stormblood expansion, broken down by level requirement and post-patch cycles.

Level 60-61

  • Beyond the Great Wall
  • Lyse Takes the Lead
  • The Promise of a New Beginning
  • A Haven for the Bold
  • A Bargain Struck

M’naago Quest Chain

  • A Friend of a Friend in Need
  • Signed, Sealed, to be Delivered
  • Best Served with Cold Steel
  • Let Fill Your Hearts with Pride

Meffrid Quest Chain

  • A Familiar Face Forgotten
  • The Prodigal Daughter
  • Hard Country
  • Death by a Thousand Rocks
  • A Life More Ordinary
  • The Color of Angry Qiqirn
  • The Black Wolf’s Pups
  • Homeward Bound

Main Quest Continued

  • Where Men Go as One
  • Future Rust, Future Dust
  • A Dash of Green
  • Ye Wayward Brothers
  • Token of Faith
  • Crossing the Velodyna
  • In Crimson It Began
  • The Fires Fade
  • Bereft of Hearth and Home
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates
  • Tales from the Far East
  • Not without Incident – The Sirensong Sea Dungeon
  • The Man from Ul’Dah
  • Where the Streets Are Paved with Koban
  • By The Grace of Lord Lolorito
  • A Good Samurai is Hard to Find
  • It’s Probably a Trap
  • Making the Catfish Sing

Level 62-63

  • Once More, to the Ruby Sea
  • Open Water
  • Boys with Boats
  • To Bend with the Wind
  • Confederate Consternation
  • The Solace of the Sea
  • The Arrows of Misfortune
  • The Last Voyage
  • Alisaie’s Stones
  • Under the Sea
  • Of Kojin and Kami
  • In Soroban We Trust
  • Forever and Ever Apart
  • In Darkness the Magatama Dreams
  • The Whims of the Divine
  • Breaking and Delivering
  • The Lord of the Revel – The Pool of Tribute Trial
  • Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out
  • A Silence in Three Parts

Level 64-65

  • Life after Doma
  • A Glimpse of Madness
  • The Stubborn Remainder
  • The Ones We Leave Behind
  • A New Ruby Tithe
  • The Will to Live
  • Daughter of the Deep
  • Path of No Return
  • The Time between the Seconds
  • All the Little Angels
  • Here There Be Xaela
  • The Search for Lord Hien
  • A Season for War
  • An Impossible Dream
  • Stars in the Dark
  • A Warrior’s Welcome
  • The Heart of Nations
  • A Trial Before the Trial
  • In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave – Bardam’s Mettle Dungeon
  • The Children of Azim

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Level 66-67

  • The Labors of Magnai
  • For Love of the Moon
  • Sworn Enemies of the Sun
  • The Undying Ones
  • A Final Peace
  • As the Gods Will
  • Naadam
  • Glory to the Khagan
  • In Crimson They Walked
  • The Hour of Reckoning
  • The Room Where It Happened
  • How Tataru Got Her Groove Back
  • Seeds of Despair
  • The Limits of Our Endurance
  • Broken Steel, Broken Men
  • The Doma Within
  • On the Eve of Destiny
  • The Die is Cast – Doma Castle Dungeon
  • The World Turned Upside Down
  • A Swift and Secret Departure
  • While You Were Away
  • Rhalgr’s Beacon
  • The Fortunes of War
  • Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits
  • The Lure of the Dream
  • The Lady of Bliss – Emanation Trial
  • The Silence of the Gods

Level 68-70

  • The First of Many
  • Strong and Unified
  • Hells Open
  • Heavens Weep
  • The Road Home
  • For the Living and the Dead
  • Above the Churning Waters
  • The Path Forward
  • With Tired Hands We Toil
  • Where Courage Endures
  • The Price of Freedom – Castrum Abania Dungeon
  • Raubahn’s Invitation
  • Liberty or Death
  • The Lady in Red
  • Upon the Great Loch’s Shore
  • The Key to Victory
  • The Resonant
  • The Legacy of our Fathers
  • The Measure of His Reach
  • Stormblood – Ala Mhigo (Duty), The Royal Menagerie Trial

Patch 4.1 The Legend Returns

  • Arenvald’s Adventure
  • The Darkness Below
  • The Mad King’s Trove – The Drowned City of Skalla Dungeon
  • The Butcher’s Blood
  • Echoes of an Echo
  • A Sultana’s Strings
  • A Sultana’s Duty
  • A Sultana’s Resolve
  • Securing the Saltery
  • A Blissful Arrival
  • Return of the Bull

Patch 4.2 Rise of a New Sun

  • Tidings from the East
  • The Sword in the Store
  • Hope on the Waves
  • Elation of Trepidation
  • Storm on the Horizon
  • His Forgotten Home
  • A Guilty Conscience
  • Rise of a New Sun

Patch 4.3 Under the Moonlight

  • Gosetsu and Tsuyu
  • Gone Like the Morning Dew
  • Fruits of Her Labor
  • Conscripts and Contingencies
  • The Primary Agreement – Castrum Fluminis Trial
  • Under the Moonlight
  • Emissary of the Dawn

Patch 4.4 Prelude in Violet

  • Sisterly Act
  • Feel the Burn – The Burn Dungeon
  • Shadows in the Empire
  • A Power in Slumber
  • The Will of the Moon
  • The Call
  • Prelude in Violet

Patch 4.5 A Requiem for Heroes – Part 1

  • Soul Searching
  • A Defector’s Tidings
  • Seiryu’s Wall
  • Parley on the Front Lines
  • The Face of War – The Ghimlyt Dark Dungeon

Patch 4.56 A Requiem for Heroes – Part 2

  • A Brief Reprieve
  • A Requiem for Heroes

Now that you’ve finished up Stormblood, it’s time for you to move onto the next expansion, Shadowbringers. You’re in for a real treat here.

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