What is the God of War Ragnarok Secret Ending? – Answered

Spoilers ahead!

God of War Ragnarok successfully rounds up the Nordic Mythology storyline, the second storyline after the original, Greek Mythology one. There are multiple endings to the story of the God of War Ragnarok game and in this article, Prima Games covers details about the Secret Ending.

What Happens in the God of War Ragnarok Secret Ending?

Well, if you’ve scrolled this deep into this article, it’s no use to warn you about spoilers, right?

If you want to see the Secret Ending, you need to participate in a Favor called “A Viking’s Funeral” (this Favor is with Lunda).
If you want to experience this by yourself, we warn you for the last time: S.P.O.I.L.E.R.S. ahead.

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This “Viking’s Funeral” involves the burial of Brok. You (Kratos), with your trusty ol’ Mimir and Freya and Sindri (however, Sindri will not be present immediately in the scene). Basically, this is a traditional Viking funeral, where Brok is placed on a small boat, pushed far away from the coast, followed by a flaming arrow aimed at the boat.

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Some people insinuate that a new God of War series will be placed in Ancient Egypt because of this scene, and by all means, the developers should go for it. Greek Mythology: Check. Nordic Mythology: Check. There are a lot of other cool Mythology prospects in other parts of the world as well. If you have played SMITE, for example, you would definitely be able to name a few here and there. We certainly hope that the series will live on and develop further since the entire series is a decent gaming masterpiece.

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