What is the Fastest Password Game Speedrun? – Answered

How fast can you make a safe password?

The Password Game World Record

There are players who get a game to have a good time, but there are also some who like to add some extra challenge to their plates during their playthroughs. And there are speedrunners who are basically an outside breed by themselves. Doing the impossible to reach the credits in some inhuman amounts of time, speedrunners will run almost every game out there, and The Password Game seems to be no exception.

The viral game that has you learning how to play chess, as well as (re)discovering the Periodic Table has been beaten by many people by now, and speedrunners have also perfected their methods for completing it as quickly as possible. And unsurprisingly, multiple people have been attempting the run and successively breaking new records. Speedrunners are just on a whole new level. 

Curious to know how fast a password can be made? Stick around to find that out!

What Is the Current Password Game Speedrun Record?

As this article is being written, the fastest timer for The Password Game is 0:59 by YouTuber Bleach (@bleachdev). Yeah, that’s nuts. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it either, so here’s the full run for you to witness.

Bleach has been kind enough to put his various strats in the video description. These include a starting copy-paste password that automatically fulfills various of the initial requirements, as well as hundreds of video links that are required for Rule 24. So as soon as this rule kicks in, they simply search for the necessary timer and copy-paste the link.

Ironically, the method I first used for solving Rule 24 was searching precisely for speedrunning videos. And while it does work, it isn’t nearly as fast as what was shown in this video.

They perform various different stunts, such as quickly solving Rule 16 manually (seems like they do play chess!) and quickly solving certain inconsistencies between the rules. Unfortunately, The Password Game isn’t listed on speedrun.com, the official Speedrunning site where World Records are recorded. 

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This timer is still the fastest we’ve seen yet, so it’s safe to assume that the World Record does belong to them. But if the game ever gets a spot on this site, it will be way easier to track all of the equally amazing contenders for the WR. And maybe even witness the rise of a new record breaker in the future. Who knows?

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