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During your time in Forgotten Valley, you will find yourself experimenting with selling an assortment of items. From farm goods to historical finds in the mines, each item holds a vastly different value. In a fast past farming sim, time is money, and so one must consider what is the most efficient money maker in the game. So, let’s discuss that the easiest money-making method is in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

How to Make Money in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

You can make money from growing and selling crops, fishing, mining, and more. However, there is one item that sells for significantly more than the others and is fairly easy to obtain. All it takes is befriending some sheep.

I’ve found sheep to be the best method of making money in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Gold Wool sells for 6000G each which is a lot of money, especially early on in the game. If you get your sheep to seven hearts of affection, you will obtain Gold Wool twice every season. So, that’s a total of 12,000G per sheep. Once you are able to get the best sheers in the game, you will get two Gold Wool instead of one. So, each sheep will provide you with 24,000G of Gold Wool per season alone.

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Once you have upgraded your barn to the larger size that holds 16 animals, you could keep 15 sheep in there. At the rate of 24,000G per sheep per season, that would end up being a total of 360,000G per season if your barn was full.

So, to break it down in steps.

  • Buy a male and female sheep from Takakura’s ledger when you are able for 3000G each.
  • Buy the sheers from Van as soon as you are able to and continue to buy the upgrades.
  • Work on improving your sheep’s affection level through brushing, talking, snuggling, and Fodder+.
  • Upgrade your barn to the larger size and fill it with more sheep by purchasing or breeding them.
  • Obtain the Blessed Clippers in Year 4 from Kate after completing her quest.
  • Enjoy being the richest person in Forgotten Valley.

Having a consistent and large cash flow will really help you out in the game as you will be able to finish purchasing everything that you need for your farm, as well as buying livestock and crops without issue. Plus, there are a few expensive clothing items that you can buy from Van when he comes to town.

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