How to Influence Your Child’s Career Path in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Become the overbearing parent that you were born to be.

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Every parent wants the best for their child. You want them to grow up healthy, happy, and successful. Of course, sometimes parents and children have a different view as to what exactly the before mentioned goals consist of. Is success based on a monetary value? Being famous? Taking over the farm in Forgotten Valley? Keep reading to find out how to influence your child’s career path in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

How to Choose Your Child’s Occupation in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

As Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is based on following the seasons in your life as you go through them in Forgotten Valley, your child will also grow up before your eyes. One important aspect of this is that your child will develop their own personality, and from there will decide on what they want to do for their future career.

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There are six career options in total. It is up to you whether you want your child to grow up to become the career that they are automatically dispositioned for, or you can influence their decision as they age. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It really comes down to whether you are okay with your child moving to the city to further their career or if you want the farm to stay in the family – which a lot of people do after working so hard on it.

Here are the career options for your child as well as tips to help their interest in the option increase.

Career PathHow to Influence Your Child
Farming• Take your child to your farm/Vesta’s farm daily and place them there.
• Show your child the sickle, watering can, or hoe.
• Tend to the crops in your child’s presence.
Ranching• Take your child to your coop/barn daily and place them there.
• Show your child the chippers, brush, or milker.
• Tend to the animals in your child’s presence.
Athlete• Take your child to Sully and Chris’ house and place them there.
• Run in the presence of your child.
Music• Take your child to Romana’s mansion and place them there.
• Take your child to Gustafa’s yurt and place them there.
• Interact with the record player in your child’s presence.
Art• Take your child to Gordy’s house and place them there.
• Take your child to Charlie and Coles house and place them there.
Academics• Take your child to the Dig Site and place them there.
• Show your child items that you have discovered at the dig site.

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To view what your child is interested in, open the menu and navigate to Resident Info. From there, select your child, and under their adorable image, you will see their likes and abilities. This is their current favorite thing. You can press A to then see a list of every interest so that you can see how much they like each one, and then work on the interest of your choosing. If you are successful, you should see the yellow bar rise slightly every day.

That’s it! Depending on which career your child ends up with will change the scenes that relate to that at the end of the game. It isn’t exactly game-changing but it is nice to be able to control the outcome of your child. For me, it is important that the farm stay in the family, and so little Hugo comes with me as I do my daily farm routine. Such as feeding the ducks and milking the cows.

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