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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Cows

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life follows you as you grow from a newcomer farmer thrown into the deep end into a seasoned professional. During this transition, you will learn how to grow crops, create hybrids, raise livestock, and be a great community member. Cows in particular are an important animal to raise due to the product that they produce, and so let’s discover how to breed cows in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Breeding Cows in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Breeding cows at the base level is quite a simple process. You have two options when it comes to getting your cow pregnant.

  • Order a male calf from Takakura’s ledger – your female cow will become pregnant once the male matures to a certain stage.
  • Use Takakura’s ledger to order breeding. Select the cow that you want to become pregnant.

Both are valid options. The first will require you to constantly have a bull in your barn, and the second option means that you do not need to have one taking up precious barn space.

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Breeding becomes slightly more complicated when you want a certain variety of cows. Each variety has a different specialty and is worth a different amount of gold.

Normal Cow ♂Can be bred with a female cow.2,500G
Normal Cow ♀Produces milk.5,000G
Brown Cow ♂Can be bred with a female cow.10,000G
Brown Cow ♀Produces brown milk which can make butter.20,000G
Marble Cow ♂Can be bred with a female cow.10,000G
Marble Cow ♀Produces marble milk which can make cheese.20,000G
Star Cow ♂Can be bred with a female cow.25,000G
Star Cow ♀Produces high quality star milk.50,000G

Having a variety of cows in your barn makes sense so that you can obtain the variety of milk needed to produce different products which, in turn, will allow you to easily complete the range of requests that townsfolk post on the bulletin board. When you begin the game, Takakura will provide you with a Normal Cow ♀. Adding to your herd will be solely your responsibility. You can either save for the female cow of your choosing, which can be expensive, or you can buy the cheaper male version and breed it with your regular cow in the hopes of producing the female version.

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If you choose to buy the cheaper male cow and then breed them in the hopes of saving some money, I do have a tip that has worked for me and will also work for you. The variety of baby isn’t designated until birth, and you can use this to your advantage by doing the following.

  • Buy the male version of the cow variety that you want.
  • Wait until your cow is pregnant.
  • Isolate the cow when she is close to giving birth.
  • Save regularly! This is very important.
  • When you get to the scene where the baby is born, if the baby is not what you want, quit and reload the game.
  • Repeat until the baby cow is the variety that you like.

It can be challenging to predict the exact moment when baby animals will be born. To prevent losing your progress, my recommendation is to save frequently. This way, if an undesired calf is born, you can reset without any worries. Once you have the female cow that you want, you can either keep the male version if you want multiple of the same variety, or sell it off if you will not be using it to breed anymore as it serves no other purpose. Sorry cow!

Before you know it, and with a little bit of luck, you will have a very busy barn full of a variety of cows. I am definitely a sheep fan in this game, but I do maintain cows as well due to the products that they can create – they just aren’t the moneymakers. At least you can feed them for free if you grow your own fodder. They pay for themselves that way! Efficient!

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