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What is the Best Zaw in Warframe? – Answered

Too many options to choose from!

Getting weapons regularly in Warframe is pretty nice, but being able to build a weapon yourself using a wide range of parts adds that extra bit of flair. Something like an Arca Plasmor or Syam could do wonders for you in combat, but having your very own Zaw with three distinct parts lets it also feel like yours. If you’re purely hunting for strength, you may be wondering what would be the best areas to invest in. Here’s what the best Zaw is in Warframe.

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Which Zaw Should You Get in Warframe?

If we were to answer with an absolute, the best Zaw to get in the game would be the Plague Kripath. Seeing as that only is possible to get once every few years though, we’re not going to bother covering it. In terms of the best Zaw you can get without waiting for an entire election cycle, that would go to a specific variant of the Sepfahn. Nikanas are regarded as some of the best melee weapons in the game, so being able to turn a Zaw into a Nikana is naturally pretty nice.

What Parts Are Needed for the Zaw?

If you’re looking to get a Sepfahn yourself, you’ll need to head to Hok in Cetus and pick up a few parts. You’ll need a Strike (in this case, the Sepfahn), along with a Grip and a Link. You’ll need a blueprint for each of the three parts to build in your Foundry, all of which cost some amount of Standing. There are a lot of options to pick from for a Grip and a Link, though we’ve provided the best setup combined with all costs below:

  • Strike: Sepfahn
    • 1000 Standing to Purchase the Blueprint
    • 15 Condroc Wing
    • 55 Fish Scales
    • 10 Tear Azurite
    • 60 Coprite Alloy
  • Grip: Peye
    • 1000 Standing to Purchase the Blueprint
    • 20 Iradite
    • 50 Fish Oil
    • 850 Alloy Plate
    • 60 Pyrotic Alloy
  • Link: Vargeet II Jai
    • 5000 Standing to Purchase the Blueprint
    • 5 Maprico
    • 20 Fersteel Alloy
    • 5 Kuaka Spinal Claw
    • 5 Mortus Horn

You may be wondering why we made these choices specifically. In essence, the Sepfahn being a Nikana means that we’re ideally going for fast strikes that won’t do as much damage per hit, rather than the vice versa of other melee weapons. The Peye provides attack speed at the cost of damage, while the Vargeet II Jai provides speed and the nice bonus of crit chance, at the cost of status chance and damage. Naturally, these all combo’d together make for a very fast weapon that should feel fun to use for Nikana lovers.

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The Best Build for a Zaw

If you’re making this weapon and end up enjoying it, you’ll need a build to nicely complement it. With the way that the Nikana is, we’ll be building for status chance, crit damage, and attack speed. As such, the following mods are your best bet:

  • Condition Overload
  • Fury
  • Organ Shatter
  • Weeping Wounds
  • Reach
  • Vicious Frost
  • Virulent Scourge
  • Blood Rush

All of these mods should do nicely to make the Sepfahn Zaw feel like an absolute powerhouse. If you happen to have the Primed versions of some mods alongside some Forma, you could pull out Primed Fury and Primed Reach to pick up that extra bit of attack speed and range.

If you’re looking to pick up some more weapons for your melee collection, check out our guide on how to get the Syam in Warframe.

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