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How to Get and Use the Syam in Warframe

Hit a Syam dunk with this new melee.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Syam

The new melee weapons from Duviri are all considered to be quite strong, with some even going toe to toe with some of the best melee options such as the Reaper Prime or Sepfahn Zaw. They aren’t anything too unusual compared to the rest of the melee roster and instead are just good at what they set out to accomplish. One such weapon is a personal favorite of mine and has a fun build you can run with it. Here’s how to get and use the Syam in Warframe.

How to Build the Syam Nikana in Warframe

To get the Syam in Warframe, you’ll first want to purchase it from the Drifter melee section of Teshin’s Cave in Duviri. This will cost you 50 Pathos Clamp, which can be earned from doing five normal runs in Duviri and killing the Orowyrm at the end. Once you have it as a weapon in Duviri, the blueprint for the frame version of the Syam can be found in your foundry. Building the weapon requires the following resources:

  • Four Maw Fangs – Feeding the Maw at certain ponds across Duviri.
  • 30 Rune Marrow – Easily found spread out in deposits across Circuit levels.
  • 30 Dracroot – Found near the cliffs of the Lonesome Outlook, Fair Shores Hamlet, Watershed Hamlet, and Morai Crossing of Duviri.
  • 30 Eevani – Located most commonly at the Ampitheater or Archarbor (which only spawns during certain Duviri spirals.

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Once you have all resources and spend 24 hours waiting for the build to finish, you’ll have your very own Syam Nikana to use as you please.

The Best Build for the Syam in Warframe

Warframe Syam Build
Image via Prima Games.

The build above is designed to be used with a mix of light and heavy attacks to raise your combo and then inflict heavy damage on your target. With one or two Forma, you should be able to max all of the above mods. I just simply haven’t had time yet with the (as of writing) recent Resource Booster weekend. If you don’t have either Amalgam Organ Shatter or Sacrificial Steel, then you can swap those out with standard Organ Shatter and True Steel. Just be sure not to Forma the slot you have True Steel in since placing the Umbra mod there later will prove to be a real pain. We’d also suggest switching the Fury mod we have equipped for Quickening if you have it since you’ll get the bonus of increasing your combo.

All in all, the Syam is a great melee that we suggest using if you get the chance. Given some love and attention, this Nikana can thrive and easily be one of your favorite melee weapons in all of Warframe. Speaking of what will soon be your favorite weapon, be sure to check out our guide on all Incarnon Genesis weapons added with the Duviri update in Warframe.

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