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All Incarnon Genesis Weapons in Warframe – Listed

Get ready for a lot of grinding.

by Shawn Robinson
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Warframe’s new Duviri Paradox update did more than bring another open world full of things to discover. Alongside the Duviri location and its various modes, the Circuit provides an endless experience where you can grind for loot to your heart’s content. As part of the Steel Path side of things, Warframe’s own endgame difficulty, you can snag yourself some new and improved versions of long-forgotten weapons. Here are all Incarnon Genesis weapons in Warframe.

Every Incarnon Genesis Weapon in Warframe

Warframe Incarnon Genesis Weapons
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When choosing the Steel Path variant of the Circuit each week, you’ll be prompted to pick two different Incarnon Genesis weapons from a group of five. The first choice will be unlocked when reaching level 5 that week, with the second choice being unlocked at level 10. These five Incarnon Genesis weapons will rotate every week, with six rotations making for 30 total weapons. Here they all are, broken down based on their weekly rotations:

  • Week 1
    • Braton
    • Lato
    • Skana
    • Paris
    • Kunai
  • Week 2
    • Bo
    • Latron
    • Furis
    • Furax
    • Strun
  • Week 3
    • Lex
    • Magistar
    • Boltor
    • Bronco
    • Ceramic Dagger
  • Week 4
    • Torid
    • Dual Toxocyst
    • Dual Ichor
    • Miter
    • Atomos
  • Week 5
    • Ack and Brunt
    • Soma
    • Vasto
    • Nami Solo
    • Burston
  • Week 6
    • Zylok
    • Sibear
    • Dread
    • Despair
    • Hate

When acquiring any of the above Incarnon Genesis weapons, any of that weapons variants can have the Incarnon applied to it. For example, both the Boltor and the Boltor Prime can have Incarnons applied to them. The Braton can also have its Incarnons applied to its MK1, Prime, and Vandal variants. Not sure why you’d want to apply an Incarnon to a MK1 variant of a weapon, but you can regardless.

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If you’re looking to fully complete this list, you’ll need to max out the Steel Path levels on 15 different weeks of the Circuit. This is a lot of grinding, though Incarnons also don’t grant mastery levels when earned. These are merely there to make these forgotten weapons have a bigger purpose. Speaking of weapons, check out our guide on all the new weapons introduced with the Duviri Paradox expansion in Warframe.

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