What Is the Best Way to Play Vampire Survivors on Nintendo Switch

What Is the Best Way to Play Vampire Survivors on Nintendo Switch?

Docked or portable? Analog, digital or touch controls?

The indie-darling Vampire Survivors has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch! Now you can survive the hordes of Castlevania-like enemies in this rogue-like game on the go. The version for Nintendo arrived together with a big patch that changed the engine of the game and added a lot of new features as well as the brand-new co-op mode.

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Many players who are just getting to know this title may be wondering what the best way to play Vampire Survivors on Switch is. Analog, digital, or touch controls? Portable or docked mode? Let’s find out.

The Best Way to Play Vampire Survivors on Nintendo Switch

Vampire Survivors on Switch can be played in many ways; when playing in portable mode, movement is possible via the directional pad buttons, analog stick, or touch screen where you direct the character with your finger. Although the directional pad buttons are the most similar to the WASD keyboard controls from the PC version, our recommendation is definitely to play with an analog stick because it gives the highest precision of movement.

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When playing in docked mode on a TV or monitor, the best way to control is still the analog stick, but it’s a lot more comfortable if you have a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or some third party equivalent, instead of the Joy-Cons.

Although it is possible to play co-op and in portable mode in front of the small Switch screen, a much better experience for playing in multiplayer is when you transfer the picture to the big screen in docked mode, which requires two controllers or, in the worst case, two Joy-Cons.

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