Is the Performance of Vampire Survivors on the Nintendo Switch Good? – Answered

One of the best indie games of 2022 has finally arrived on Switch!

Is the Performance of Vampire Survivors on the Nintendo Switch Good – Answered

The surprise PC indie hit from 2022 has finally found its way to the Nintendo Switch. This long-awaited port is finally possible thanks to the switch (no pun intended) to a new engine that solved many of the problems that the PC version had and made it easier to transfer it to consoles.

With the Switch version now available on Nintendo Online Store for just five dollars, many players are wondering if the performance of Vampire Survivors on Nintendo’s portable console is any good. Let’s find out!

Does Vampire Survivors work well on Nintendo Switch?

Vampire Survivors was known to cause serious slowdown in the PC version, even on the most powerful machines. This was clearly evident when the huge number of opponents were displayed on screen. Thankfully, after changing the engine with one of the latest updates, this problem was resolved. As the Switch version uses the new engine from the start there are almost no performance-based issues to be found in the console port.

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I didn’t notice any FPS drops in my tests, but players who got a little deeper into the game reported a slight FPS drop in some of the most hectic moments. Also, the new co-op mode that the Switch version comes with can have slowdowns but never becomes even close to unplayable. Overall, Vampire Survivors on Switch is a joy to play, especially in portable mode where you can use the analog stick or touchscreen to move, just like in the version for mobile phones.

As someone who completely missed out on the whole Vampire Survivors craze last year, I have to say I had a great time with the Switch version, and if like me you were late to the game, don’t worry – Vampire Survivors is now in better shape than ever before. Due to the fact that it is a very polished game with a smooth framerate and tons of content (both DLCs are available). It is very easy to spend hours playing the game.

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