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What is the Best Wand in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

A powerful wand for powerful charms

by Patrick Souza
Hogwarts Legacy Strongest Wand

Hogwarts Legacy brings lots of treats to Harry Potter series fans by allowing them to relive the same experiences presented in the books. You go through your house selection, discover your Patronus, and even get a unique wand that will choose you in Ollivander’s shop.

All of these can be either imported from the Wizarding World Harry Potter Fan Club site or generated entirely in-game, but independently of the method, they cannot be changed later. So if you’re looking for the best, strongest, most powerful of all wands to fill your wizard fantasy, here’s what you need to do.

Which Wand is the Strongest in Hogwarts Legacy?

All wands are equal in power, so there’s no “strongest wand” in Hogwarts Legacy. Despite being able to fully customize it after Ollivander hands it to you, this part is purely aesthetic and has no real impact on gameplay. What dictates if you’re a powerful wizard or just another random student enrolled in this school is your own knowledge and ability for spells. But wait, you’re the protagonist! Forget what I just said; you’re pretty much OP.

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In other words, you can just customize your Wand Style, color, Core, wood type, and flexibility as you want, as they’ll be just as powerful as any other wand in existence. You can later get Wand Handles, which are also purely aesthetic, that can be equipped and swapped at will, but the wand customization itself will never change, so be aware of that.

While there’s no Elder Wand like in the original books, you can replicate it when customizing your wand with Ollivanders. The Elder Wand was depicted in the movies as having a thestral tail hair in its core, which made it so powerful. But since we cannot choose such a core, just go with your favorite here. 

Elder Wand Hogwarts Legacy
Image via Harry Potter Wiki

The Elder Wand uses Elder Wood and has 15 inches in total. For style, go with Dark Brown Stalk, as it resembles it the most. Ringed also has a similar look, so pick any of these. Finish it with Unyielding flexibility and you get yourself the most powerful of wands…Kinda. At least people won’t try to murder you for its ownership, that’s for sure.

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