What is the Best Race for the Arcanist in ESO? – Answered

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The Arcanist is the latest class added to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Necrom Chapter, and that means plenty of fresh builds are on the way for the follower of Herma Mora. Before you jump into the flashing green runes though, it’s important to pick the best race for your character.

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Best Races for the Arcanist in ESO Necrom

The two best races for the Arcanist are the High Elf and the Khajit. Players who want a magicka damage dealer should pick the High Elf. And if you want to try out a stamina-based build, the Khajit is the race for you. Both of these options are finely tuned to those sources in The Elder Scrolls Online.

With the way that classes work in ESO, there is no “best” race in the game. Because of the abilities in the Arcanist skill lines, most damage dealers will likely go with magicka scaling. High Elves offer more max magicka, more spell damage, and reduced damage while channeling spells. Considering how long some Arcanist spells can last, this is a massive buff for a race alone. Keep in mind too that the High Elf can serve as a healer.

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Although stamina damage dealing Arcanists will be less common, they are still viable, and a race like the Khajit is perfectly suited for the class. For this class, you can expect more stamina and more critical strike damage, which is massive for stamina-based classes in ESO.

As I make my own Arcanist character in ESO, I will be preparing for a tank character. That means the priority is on survivability and I don’t need to prioritize one resource. In that case, the Imperial and the Nord are the two best options for the role, and I chose an Imperial myself.

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