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How to Start Bal Sunnar in ESO Scribes of Fate

Prepare to jump through time.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Scribes of Fate ESO

Every quarter, the Elder Scrolls Online gets a fresh content update, and dungeons are always the first package to arrive in a new year. Now that we’ve entered March, it’s time to take on two new dungeons in the Scribes of Fate DLC, including the Bal Sunnar group content.

Like every other dungeon DLC that gets released in ESO, there are some payment requirements and locations that you’ll need to visit before starting. The process of starting Bal Sunnar is easy enough, but our guide will ensure you get there without any additional time wasted.

Elder Scrolls Online – How to Start the Bal Sunnar Dungeon

The brand new dungeon is located in the Stonefalls zone, which is one of the many Morrowind areas that exist in ESO. Stonefalls is the first major Ebonheart Pact zone and you can find Bal Sunnar in the eastern half of the landmass. An entrance to the dungeon can be found in between Davon’s Watch and Ebonheart along the main path to both cities.

Not every player will automatically have access to the new Scribes of Fate DLC or Bal Sunnar. You’ll have to outright purchase the two new dungeons, which means you keep them forever or subscribe to ESO Plus. Subscribing has some decent benefits, but you’ll lose access to those dungeons if you cancel.

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If all the requirements are met and you’ve reached the main entrance, you can start the fun. Keep in mind that DLC dungeons tend to be more complicated, so try it out on normal first and head into Veteran modes after. You can always just teleport to the entrance or a friend if you want to keep running Bal Sunnar or try it on a new character in ESO.

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