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What is the Best Lightsaber Stance in Jedi Survivor? – Answered

The saber is as important as the Force.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Lightsaber Stance Jedi Survivor

Unlike Fallen Order, players have five different lightsaber stances to choose from in Jedi Survivor, and each one has an entirely different skill tree with separate combos. Beyond which style you like the most, choosing the best stance can alter all of your gameplay as Cal Kestis as he continues his main adventure.

All of the five stances have different stats attributed to them and unique specializations that make them fit for certain types of combat. I have used all of them in my time playing through Cal’s main story, and I am here to help you pick the best lightsaber stance possible for the game.

Jedi Survivor – What are the Best Lightsaber Stances?

If we are going for the best overall option, then you cannot go wrong with the single-blade lightsaber. This stance is good at nearly everything. There are no specialties, but it can hold off a crowd and it is still fantastic for single-target combat. Along with the speed of the weapon, abilities such as the Lunging Strike and the Aerial Assault allow for some of the best counter-attacks in the game.

It is a simple lightsaber stance that is packed with everything you need, and I used this for most of my main story playthrough until I started New Game Plus. Not to mention that it’s also hard to beat the classic look of the single saber.

With that said, each stance in Jedi Survivor offers up something unique that can make it the best for a given situation. In theory, the Crossguard and the Double-Blade are the best combinations for crowd control and high single-target damage at any time. It really comes down to the situation you are in and the style of lightsaber combat you enjoy.

Lightsaber Stance Descriptions in Jedi Survivor:

  • Single-Bladed – Most versatile option that is fantastic for single target fights where speed and damage are important.
  • Double-Bladed – By far the best pick for crowd control, this weapon lacks damage on each hit, but is fast and can wipe out a group.
  • Dual Wield – High risk and high reward. These sabers are meant to dish out quick damage and they have a built-in parry. However, blocking is lowered and counters can be tough.
  • Blaster – This is a mix of a blaster and a lightsaber. The saber recharges the shots, and of course, the Blaster gives this stance the most range in Jedi Survivor.
  • Crossguard – The crossguard has the highest damage per hit and can easily destroy guards. It comes at the cost of speed, which is much slower than all the other stances.

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Personal preference is key at the end of the day, but each stance definitely has a unique place in Jedi Survivor. Practice a bit with each of them and you will eventually come to a conclusion on which one is right for you.

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