Starfield Ship Builder Cockpit
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What is the Best Cockpit in Starfield? – Answered

The head of the ship is pretty important, and a pretty tough choice.

If you’re constructing a ship in Starfield that you hope will last a while, then ensuring you have the best ship parts for the job is essential. Why would you skimp out on certain parts when you can get the best and be ready to go immediately? One such part that can have a considerable impact on your ship is the cockpit, and making a choice is harder than you might think. Here is what the best cockpit is in Starfield.

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Which Cockpit Should You Choose for Your Ship?

Starfield Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge
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If you’re looking for the best cockpit in terms of beneficial stats, then the Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge (found at the Stroud-Eklund Ship Services Technician) is what you should settle with. However, the best stats don’t always mean it’s the best cockpit for the job. There’s a lot more that you need to consider, even outside of what level in Starship Design you should have to get the correct parts.

A ship cockpit’s value is determined heavily by the stats on its Cargo, Hull, and Crew Stations. However, the Mass value and shape of your desired ship also have a major impact. Each stat and what it does is listed below:

  • Cargo: How much additional space the Cargo Hold can carry.
  • Hull: Directly affects ship health once shields are disabled.
  • Crew Stations: Affects how many members you can have assigned to your ship’s crew. Each crew member provides bonuses to specific stats, listed in the Crew menu.
  • Mass: Changes the Jump Range and Mobility of your ship. The higher the Mass, the lower the Mobility and Jump Range.

With the Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge I mentioned above, it provides a staggering 380 Cargo, 5 Hull, and 6 Crew Stations. However, it also has 35 Mass which adds to your ship. For me, this would lower my Mobility by 11 and my Jump Range by one light year.

The other major downside comes with how the cockpit is shaped. Some cockpits have entrances on their back, but some might have their entrance on the bottom. This can change the shape of your ship drastically since some ships might not have a place to put a top-mounted cockpit.

The Best Cockpits for Your Ship

Starfield Viking CP-210 Cockpit
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If you plan to make a larger ship that can house a top-mounted cockpit, then the Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge will still be your best choice. If that isn’t in the cards though, then something like the Viking CP-210 Cockpit will be a much better option. This has less Crew Stations and Cargo, but has 25 less Mass. As an added bonus it’s fairly skinny, meaning it can fit into a small space nicely if you like a tight ship.

If you’re looking for help choosing more ship parts, check out our guide on the best Reactor in Starfield.

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