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It is no secret that assault rifles dominate every other class in Modern Warfare 3, but even in such a strong category, there needs to be one that is the best. I’ll cover what the best AR is in the game and an alternative if you want something nearly as good.

What is the Best AR in Modern Warfare 3?

The best assault rifle in MW3 is the DG-58 based on pure stats. This weapon can kill enemy players in one burst on a consistent basis. Damage and accuracy are the name of the game with the DG and it has no rivals in the right hands. However, it may be tough to use for the entire player base, which brings down some of the value of the weapon.

As a whole, the Holger 556 would likely be considered the “best” option for the overarching player base in COD. It has a very similar feel to the MCW but hits just a little bit harder. Just like the DG-58, the Holger has the potential to kill enemies in three bullets. The only difference between the two weapons is the fire rate and accuracy. The DG-58 still shoots faster, which means more damage.

You have likely seen tons of players using the MCW as well. Why would anyone use that if it’s not even a top two or three assault rifle option? Well, it’s the standard pick for competitive play after restrictions were made. The Holger 556 and both burst assault rifles have already been sidelined, so the MCW runs the show now.

Most of the other AR options in MW3, including the older MW2 weapons, are decent picks. Even the TAQ-56 is still a viable pick in most public matches. But if you want to stay a step ahead, go with the Holger 556 or the DG-58.

If you decide to try these out, check out my loadout for the DG-58 in Modern Warfare 3.

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